I’m Turning Japanese, I Really Think So

Also on my recent travels, I ran across these.  Delicate and delightful.  Lighter than air.

The finest porcelain?  Nope. Paper.  Of Japanese design, these are the most engaging paper plates (and cups and bowls) I’ve ever seen.

The shop owner told me she has used them and they are incredibly sturdy.  They will hold hot soup without absorbing the liquid.

Do you love them?  I love them.  Any guesses what sophisticated retailer is the first (and, as far as we know, only at this time) to carry these dishes in the States?  Are you thinking Moss?  Or Takashimaya?  Darling, no.  Asiatica.  In Kansas City.

Completely environmentally friendly, biodegradable, all that jazz.  Relatively inexpensive, and cool packaging, too.

They also have some of those captivating glass floats that Meg and Holly have been talking about.

For Mama Bear and Papa Bear and Baby Bear.

4824 Rainbow
Westwood, Kansas


or ring them up

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13 thoughts on “I’m Turning Japanese, I Really Think So

  1. Oh, Mrs. B., come to San Jose sometime. There is the best little place: Japantown. Honestly. (We go every chance we get.) Incredible eateries and brilliant small department stores (with just the best stuff). And a sweet shop and a shave-ice shop and Shiseido and a grocery story and a wonderful new coffee place in an old gas-station…

    You would love it. And they would love you (who doesn't)?

  2. Red slippers on, there's no place like home – I really think a trip to Kansas is in order. Who ever said that all the "cool" stuff is only in NY! Pshaw!

  3. Absolutely love them. The Japanese are great at design at a reasonable price. That is why we love their cars (until Toyota meesed up!) Would love to know the price.

  4. What is the story of the glass balls?

    I love the plates, with the little thumbhold. Are they sturdy for cocktail parties?

    I am ordering up a load!

    Thank you.

  5. Love glass floats…my dad picked them up all the time in the 70s off the coast of BC and has passed some to me. The colours of blue and green are so great!


  6. Hmm. Why was I trying to get you to California when, really, I just want to come to Kansas to see all of this beauty? The plates and cups and bowls have haunted me (in the most charming way) since reading this. Loved KC as a kid; now find myself loving it even more the Blandings way. Please, please don't ever stop taking us on tour of your charming city…someday, PVE reminds me, we all hope to click our red heels and visit… (But, before that, I may be mail-ordering some paper heaven & a float or two.)

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