S’not What I Was Thinking

I was away last week which led to some wonky posting and comment moderation.  Forgive me.  I hate to give the internet a heads-up when Mr. Blandings and I are away and the boys are home.  Upon returning from sunny climes I found they had conned the babysitter into fixing their lunches (they were supposed to be “hot lunch”) letting them eat all their Valentine candy in one sitting and not bathing the entire time we were gone.  Five days.  “They didn’t really want to,” the explanation.  The oldest did shower after basketball, both practice and games, which was oddly reassuring.  In addition, the youngest claimed we were “out” of Pop Tarts so a newly opened box greeted me from the pantry.  Everyone agreed they were perfect angels.  Why wouldn’t they be?

And, yesterday, I woke up with a cold.  Not the flu, not a fever, nothing dramatic, just a garden variety cold.

So, today, no post, but I need a little help.  I’ve received sporadic emails that some, though not all, readers who receive the email subscription of Mrs. Blandings  are having trouble with jumbled text and pictures.  I have done a little tweaking to see if I can fix it, as Google provides absolutely no support for either blogger or feedburner.  Do let me know if it is better today.

The image, above, is Cecil Beaton  for Vogue using a Jackson Pollock as a backdrop.  I can’t begin to remember where I found it, but it is all over the internet .  It seemed mildly on theme.  If there ever is such a thing here.

I wish I looked as chic as she; I more closely resemble the chaos behind.

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23 thoughts on “S’not What I Was Thinking

  1. Boys! For years, we had to coerce our guys to take showers; now we have to coerce them to get out–sometimes three times a day! Glad you're back; I know your fellows are, too.

  2. Oh, dear…. I hope you do feel better soon! As for the boys: Nothing really dramatic, right?
    They will grow up fine young man, candy, pop tarts, missing bath and all…this is the stuff future stories are made of!


  3. Yes, Chaos but somehow brilliant chaos. Of course that's only a retrospective that you get after your kids leave home. Take a nap and have a cup of tea and I hope you feel better.

  4. Mrs B. sorry you are feeling under the weather and so glad your boys thrived while you were away. Everyone-needs a break from the routine! I think the messes (I have the same problems)Coming in the emailed text and pics, not on the actual blog pages. I think it may be coming from enlarging pictures and perhaps the template itself. Please pass on any thing that helps the situation!

  5. Boys are stinky (17, 15, 14 yr olds finally shower)but girls are stinkier.
    My parents did not know until a few years ago that I tucked crunch bars into my PB sandwiches all those years that I made my own lunch. Stay in PJs all day with chicken soup and tea and be glad that you don't know the things that would give you gray hair.

  6. I personally think the chaos is infinitely more interesting. Would loved to have been a fly on the wall at your place last week!

  7. Perhaps a pop tart would make you feel better. I cannot think of the photographer of that photo. Not Helmut Kohl, not Edward Steichen, but the fashion photographer who worked often with Cecil Beaton, whose Fred Astaire character in Funny face was based upon…help, it is driving me bananas!

  8. loved hearing the story of the boys!! My husband and I have raised four boys, and I will never forget returning home to a splatter painted garage. when the boys were asked where the babysitter was while they had turned the art easel canvas into the whole garage, they told me she was napping in the LR.
    minor, compared to their teenage years! enjoy the chaos!!


  9. My email delivery of your blog is still jumbled but I figured out if I just hit forward and it un-jumbles and I can read it from my email. I love the story of your boys,I can so relate and had to laugh not at your expense of course but because it brought back some memories of mine. Get better soon, colds can be miserable, take care,Kathysue

  10. Chaos can be good (in small doses). Glad everyone survived. Tea and back to bed might be a good idea. Hope that you feel better.

  11. Feel better soon, going from warm to frigid weather certainly does not help! Too funny about the boys, I bet they chaned their sitter beyond!

  12. Your boys sound delightful! We sometimes look at each other and ask "who are they talking about?" when we get compliments about our kids, who are usually wonderful but certainly have their moments (don't we all)! I do so hope you are feeling better soon!

  13. You make me laugh…that being said, I hope the cold is not the variety that I am just now getting over (2 weeks) and I love Cecil Beaton. smiles.

  14. My boys are in Utah, we are down South with our girl and as nice a break as it is, I look forward to being re-united.
    I did think that photo was YOU!

  15. Hi Mrs. B. No problems with the email. I'l looking at this Message via facebook. and it's looking fine as well. Try Umcka for the cold. It's easy and it works.

  16. It just came to me, Richard Avadon. One of my favorites (even if I couldn't remember his name for the past 24 hours)…And I meant Helmut Newton not Kohl above.

  17. Whilst Lost Boys never really grow up… have faith, they do begin to bathe more regularly. Something about girls as I recall.

    Hang in there with the cold. Perhaps some fresh flowers?

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