I will not subject you to my vacation slides, but I feel I must offer up a summary of a very lovely trip. I was enchanted by Los Angeles. Sunny and warm. Up until now any visit to somewhere sunny and warm has meant sunny, warm and humid. I was delighted to find that this is not the case in Southern California.

I was delighted not just because it was a relief to dodge the energy sapping oppression, but also because I was worried about my hair. I have bad hair. Maybe you think that as a Midwestern housewife heading to LA to rub shoulders with the design glitterati, I should have other things on my mind. But mostly, I was worried about my hair being either limp or frizzy.

Wardrobe caused no distress as I had wisely invested in three pairs of soccer shoes, a very chic black lacrosse stick and three sleek racing swim suits just before I left.

The best part of blogging, for me, has been connecting with like-minded folks. It was such a treat to meet friends whom I have only known on-line. I was incredibly lucky to spend a leisurely afternoon with Scot Meacham Wood and long time friend Megan Arquette, who ran us around to the most reknowned shops and showrooms.

Cocktails that evening affirmed everything I knew about warm and lovely Katie Denham, who jumped into the blog pool about the same time I did. Katie was the first person who told me that Elle Decor’s editor, Margaret Russell, had mentioned Mrs. Blandings at a book signing for So Chic. I still have Katie’s email and receiving it was as surreal as the phone call from Margaret asking me to sit on Elle Decor’s panel at West Week.

Before I left, Mr. Blandings asked me if I was nervous. I am not nervous to speak in front of people and certainly not to talk about blogging as we are all making this up anyway. But this panel was something else altogether. Mayer Rus. Michael Bruno. Vicente Wolf. I was clearly playing up.

I had met Vicente before and was thoroughly charmed. I had stalked Michael Bruno when I first started blogging. I had sent email after email trying to lure him to visit Kansas City. He was lovely about it. He was still lovely about it when I brought it up again last week.

Mayer Rus. Mayer Rus, for heaven’s sake, whose back page was my first stop in House & Garden. Rus, the originator of design snark that no one else has yet again to capture without delving into the personal and petty. Rus, whom I could only compare to Keith Richards to give Mr. B perspective, would be sitting just to my right. And I, a girl whose taste tends to run more toward James Taylor, was giddy. And a little nervous. I have always had a thing for bad boys. Meeting Mayer gave me the jitters. I’m sure I flushed when he walked into the room. Nonsense, of course, as he was terrifically nice. The marijuana motif on his socks also took the edge off. Now knowing that writing those columns caused agony equivalent to the drug-free delivery of twins makes me treasure them all the more in their lucite temple on my shelves.

The panel discussion was fine (me), informative (Margaret and Vicente and Michael) and lively (Mayer.) If it is available on-line at some point I will post the link and you can judge for yourself.

Lunch with Eddie and Jaithan brought great news of their new TV pilot and breakfast the next day at the very chic Cecconi’s with Lisa Borgnes Giramonti was pure delight. Lisa shared a few photos of her up-coming show. When I first found Lisa’s blog, A Bloomsbury Life, I thought, “We have a lot in common, but she is at least 25% better than I am at everything.” Once I met her I realized that percentage is likely greater.
A personal tour of Beverly Hills and Dawnridge followed and now I am home again. Cinderella after the ball up to my elbows in laundry and sports schedules and a science test and project due the same day, though, thank heavens, no sign of singing mice.
All images of Peter Dunham’s wonderful shop Hollywood at Home. Elle Decor took care of my airfare and two days of my stay to accommodate my participation, for which I am incredibly grateful.
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26 thoughts on “Cinderella

  1. Surely, the fairy godmother must grant you a gentle re-entry and the prince must be searching for the damsel in distress over the lost glass slipper, left behind in LA perhaps. RE-entry can be good and bad.

  2. I feel as though I should re-state here – as I have in most every other forum that we share – that meeting you was one of the true delights of my trip.

    or in a shorter and clearly less verbose form – you rock. fo shizzle.

  3. Your extravagance knows No Bounds-A chic black Lacrosse stick! I can see the Mayer Rus- Keith Richards thing too. pgt

  4. Scot – the first of many, I'm hoping. The feeling is entirely mutual.

    LA – I just can't help myself when it comes to sports equipment. No restraint.

  5. I love southern California. When we retire I'm dragging Brett off to Palm Springs to spend our sunset years having cocktails by the pool.

    My bet is that everyone at West Week was just as excited to meet you as you were them.

    Welcome home!

  6. Terrific wrap-up only problem is I want more! Here's to hoping your panel discussion does find it's way on-line. Glad you had such a wonderful time. And thank you for the introduction to a few new blogs and bloggers! Marija

  7. Right up with the best of the best Patricia. I would love to hear the discussion. Great images from Peter Dunham's shop.

    Art by Karena

  8. Patricia-

    BRAVO TO YOU.I am sure you were great…and in fact greater than great.

    FASCINATING: I've read each of the bloggers' posts about these various events this week in LA, and each gives a completely different account. Some reported that they had 'lunch' at Dawnridge and you describe it as a 'tour' , a completely different impression.
    .Others are tootling from shop, but there seemed to be camaraderie and good spirits…and yes, in my experience, when bloggers meet, they like each other very much and are already friends.
    I just met Ronda Carman in San Francisco and she is so nice, so chic and friendly. Earlier I met Jennifer Boles–also chic and lovely. And Emily Eerdmans was in SF…and she is, no surprise, chic and stylish and lovely in person.
    Cheers…and do think about coming out to CA more often. I am quite sure you are chic and lovely and stylish in person, no doubt.

  9. Oh and just for the record, I have that same hair problem…terrible, especially living here in humid Brisbane! That's why mostly it's pulled back in a pony tail – so boring but so easy!!


  10. Patricia-
    I am so happy to have met you in person! I wish we had had more time…but it was a whirlwind trip to be sure. I am so glad you had a good time, and hope to get to see you again soon!!!! You are definitely a Cinderella in my book!

  11. I say, m'dear, you must have been charming and enchanting on this panel, I'd expect nothing less. Your ardent admirer, Reggie

  12. So glad you loved Southern California!

    so sorry to miss West week! My daughter had her 40th birthday party at the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel on the big island of Hawaii (where we and our family have been going for 35 years!)

    So glad Bob S took such good care of you……and you were able to see Dawnridge!

    Every time I go there (Hutton and Ruthie; their many dogs and Tony and Beegle I count among my most treasured friends) I almost faint!

    Smelling salts are needed! Every single time!!!


  13. I have heard so many amazing stories (via various blogs) about West Week that I am so sad to have missed it. I feel a trip next year is mandatory. Thank you for keeping those of us who didn't make it apprised of the goings on there. I love reading your blog…your writing style is so witty and charming.


  14. Like Scot said, I suspect there were many people out in L.A. who were equally thrilled to meet the incomparable Mrs. Blandings.

    Waking up to these pictures is heaven. All fresh views of the shop that totally capture that sunny mood. Perfectly laid-back and chic. Thanks for taking us along for the ride.

  15. How exciting to be in that panel Patricia! But I am sure you did it very well! You are talented! Everyone knows that!
    And thank you for the wonderful images here!

  16. I knew you would wow them. You've paid your dues. So glad you are getting the applause. Who knows. You may singlehandedly cause flights to fly to KC rather than flyover.

    p.s. I think you made superior investments. When all played out, think about making a lacrosse sculpture.

  17. Looks like Megan took you to some wonderful places based on these images.

    I can relate to the hair issue. I am either having a good day or a bad day. Period. Bad days the uncontrollable mane goes up or at least that is the plan if I can locate a thingy!

    Meeting Lisa, a treat beyond measure, I am sure.

    As far as Mr. Wolf…the truth is simple. I am insanely jealous that you have met him…twice!

    Thank you for a re-cap of all the other delightful bloggers!

  18. Looks like you had a fabulous trip and how fun to meet everyone. I love all your pictures, thanks for sharing.

  19. You got to go to Dawnridge! How exciting that must have been. I have seen the Duquette books but was a bit disappointed that you didn't say more about the visit there! To hear Mrs Blandings' comments about the experience would be fun!

  20. i love all of your recaps and i was just in LA so i am reliving it and loving every moment!

    i am so excited for all of your good news.. my sweet employee called me from my store (i was in LA) and said "you will never guess who was just here.. he spent alot of time and asked alot of questions" …

    michael bruno. i think i would have been stunned and nothing would have come out of my mouth… however, i think he is fantastic as you do so i would have loved meeting him!

    glad you had such a great time… xx


    How did you like it?

    Tell us what Mrs. Blandings thinks!! Anything like that in Kansas City? Did you like it? I am soooo curious!


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