Inside Spring Break

The boys and I drove to Dallas for Spring Break. (Is Spring Break capitalized? In our life it is.) We went through Tulsa, where I grew up, which is another story for another day as it is still tumbling around in my head and my heart.

But Dallas was sunny and warm, where Kansas City was cloudy and cold, and it was a lovely break. Often when we are there the house is bursting at the seams with people and events, but this trip was quiet and easy. My father’s hair, which has always been thick and wavy, an on-going point of contention with my genetic lottery, is thinning just slightly in the front. He’s tall, so you wouldn’t notice, but when he bent over to show my youngest son how to shoot a pool ball I could see it. That almost imperceptible change was unreasonably significant.

My dad, while happy to go on the two-hour tour of Cowboys Stadium (yes, I did say two hours) decided to pass on the Nasher Sculpture Center. “I’ve done enough Sunday Morning shoots. You can tell me about it when you get back.”

The Nasher collection is extensive and the Calder pieces were not on display, but it was four thumbs up for artist Jaume Plensa, whose pieces are on display right now. Plensa’s work is an exploration of culture and nature, but particularly interesting to me as he incorporates text into many of his sculptures. That curtain of letters, top, spans the length of the entry and you must walk through it to access the galleries. It’s chimes are delightful.

As we were looking at some pieces in the permanent exhibit, the youngest began to get a little squirrelly. A museum guard, a bear of a man, came over and quietly held out his hand and said, “Come with me.” Hand up, head down, he walked quietly into the other room. I exchanged a look with his brothers and we followed to find the guard bending down and pointing at Twins I and II (second from top.) “You and your brothers can go inside, if you go one at a time.” Pure delight to be inside those sculptures, finding the letters of their names and Pi and Omega and “a table” depending on your perspective.

Song of Songs III and IV (third photo) can also be experienced from the inside. As could the Richard Serra sculpture (photo 4) though I did not go in, I could hear their laughter as they raced through. There was a secret room (Tending (Blue) by James Turrell), accessed through doors set into a berm. The boys came upon the doors and swung them open without a thought, traveling the tunnel that lead to a small space open only to the sky.

I marveled that they did not hesitate to go through that door or down that tunnel. I know if I asked them what their favorite part of the trip was they would say, “The screen at Cowboy stadium,” or “the Aquarium,” but I would vote for the forty-five minutes we spent here. I think either Charles, Kuralt or Osgood, would agree with me.

All images except the last via the Nasher Sculpture Center.
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17 thoughts on “Inside Spring Break

  1. Headed on a small Spring Break road trip myself with 2 boys, so am a little more motivated now that I read your post. Wanted to drop a line and say hi, as i am a friend of Kate's here in the friendly confines just outside Chicago. Love your blog. Thanks.

  2. my sister and i just took our niece on her spring break… those memories will last forever… have a wonderful time… xo

  3. Patricia;
    Wish I had not been on location, would have loved to have "met" you on your way thru T-Town. Perhaps another time,
    hope your trip was a good one, alas school begins again this morning.

  4. Wonderful post. I would love to take Ethan to the Sculpture Museum. He would be enthralled with the interactive/walk through exhibits. Such fun.

  5. Checkmate. Well done. The moments of memory are almost always the small ones, unplanned, happening on their own, showing us things of beauty and wonder. Thumbs up to the museum guard by the way.

  6. The children and I have a road trip for our Spring Break, the elders are presenting some resistance, but have already schemed the shifts for driving which will be most welcome. I on the other hand am scheming for the moments and minutes with them.

  7. I now feel a tad guilty about not visiting all of the art galleries and museums I could when my teenagers were younger. I was exposed to art early and often and probably took it for granted. Tisk, tisk.

  8. Well done, you! I am sure that the boys will have lots of great memories, regardless of whether they were in the museum or the stadium!

  9. You were in my town this week. Since you didn't mention the freak snow storm we woke up to on Sunday morning, you must have been back on the road home by then.

    The Nasher is pretty special. Ray and his wife Patsy had a great vision to collect the art they did. Dallas is fortunate to have the collection here. Did you know that the Nashers built North Park Mall in Dallas. Art installations are everywhere in the shopping center. It is quite unlike any shopping experience in any other town.

    So glad the boys enjoyed the Cowboy Stadium. Of course they did.

    mb from Dallas

  10. hi

    i have never commented on a blog before…i am taken with your site and i had a once in a lifetime chance to visit dallas when my husband attended a forensic conference 4 years back…i was beyond taken with the nasher sculpture centre, it was life altering…so many amazing works collected privately then shared publically BRAVO!!! ART IS MEANT TO BE SHARED ( i wrote them a lengthy letter expressing my gratitude) since that time i strengthen my focus on sculpture and i am presently a docent at the national gallery of canada in ottawa…if you ever find yourself in ottawa i would gladly tour you and yours around our gallery

    i appreciate your blog…thanks for sharing enthusiasm for all things wonderful


  11. What great memories to build!
    I love road trips and we enjoy them with the children as often as we can! And visit places as we go!


  12. Ro – good luck! Electronic devices helped me a great deal, though I have great respect for the alphabet game moms.

    Leslie – it was, literally, a drive by. Next time we will stay longer and meet in person.

    Ha! Joni – it's another day at least, but if I'm ever in Houston you are stuck with me.

    HBD – I will remember him for a long, long time.

    pve – safe trip – savor it. Though I know you will.

    Kerry – my folks never took me. Not one time. They'll find it if they need it.

    MB – visionaries. So compelling.

    Joy – thanks. And I'll take you up on it if I head north. I respond so strongly to sculpture – probably a limited vision or something – but I could have been there for hours. I am envying your, what, docentship? It's a goal of mine.

  13. The Nasher is wonderful. I love the sculpture of the people walking up into the sky. The Kimball Art Museum in Fort Worth is a treasure as well. Also, as mb said above North Park Mall is great and now I know why.


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