Less Than a Cup of Coffee

I just received a very nice comment from a fellow at ReBinder about my tear sheet organization. He is offering Mrs. Blandings readers 20% off of their binder orders at ReBinder.com through the end of May. He mentioned the Select line, which is chipboard instead of cardboard, which I am endorsing, though the cardboard is working just fine for me.

Just enter the code word BLANDINGSROCKS at check out. They are already inexpensive, so this could bring you in under your latte tab.
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6 thoughts on “Less Than a Cup of Coffee

  1. I love this look Patricia! Really beautiful combination of colors and patterns.

    Giveaway is now up on my site.

    Art by Karena

  2. Your tear sheets are organized? You are a Goddess. I have spent way too much of the last couple of weeks searching for an article about a house in Hobe Sound from the seventies in my not so organized tear sheets.

    But How was LA?

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