Shelf Life

Jennifer Boles at the Peak of Chic recently posted about how fresh Albert Hadley’s work is.  Even ten years after his apartment was published in Elle Decor it appears current.  Timeless.
As I have been having a fantasy love affair with “Trixie” – the Red/Black on Off-White has been on my desk for months – I have noticed Hadley’s wallpapers popping up hear and there.
Here is Trixie in chic black and grey in Kate Rheinstein Brodsky’s New York kitchen. 

Splatter in Eddie Ross’s window at Bloomingdale’s.

Reddish Rose in Elizabeth Mayhew’s daughter’s bedroom.

And local designer, Ann Egan’s, kitchen in the December/January issue of Spaces.

Christopher Spitzmiller has a stylish lamp named “Hadley,” and while I love it in this matte finish

I can’t help wondering what it would like like with the “Miro” pattern applied tone-on-tone

by Roy Hamilton.

Images from top, Elle Decor, February 2000, photography by Fernando Bengoechea, via the Peak of Chic, Hadley’s Connecticut home from Albert Hadley, The Story of America’s Preeminent Interior Designer by Adam Lewis, photography by Fernando Bengoechea; Brodsky’s apartment, Elle Decor, March 2010, photography by William Waldron; Bloomingdale’s window via Eddie Ross; Egan’s kitchen, Spaces, December/January 2009/10, photography by Aaron Leimkuehler; Hadley lamps from Christopher Spitzmiller; last image, my own.

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17 thoughts on “Shelf Life

  1. I saw Roy Hamilton's lamps for the first time while I was in Atlanta several weeks ago. They are stunning! Love Albert Hadley and just can't get enough ever. I hope one day people will say my designs are timeless and chic like his. It's a hard quality to achieve when so much is out there to choose from in the world of design. I just keep refining and editing on a daily basis. Hope you are well.

  2. An icon for so many reasons. I bet another 10 years from now many of us will still be enjoying that room. Two of his philosophies regarding accessories and good housekeeping are always in the back of my mind. One of my favorite quotes from him resides at the top of my blog as a daily reminder!

  3. David – sadly, no, but the catalogue is on-line and I'd be happy to help you order if you are interested.

    Gwen – I was marveling at Roy's vases when I was in New York – so beautiful.

    Karena – Agreed.

    A&A – I need the housekeeping reminder daily.

  4. I simply ADORE those lamps (sigh, budget never seems to catch up with the things that would absolutely sparkle in my home) AND the Miro & Splatter patterns. So fresh!

  5. Timeless and chic, all of them! Loved being able to use a wallpaper I've had on my board for years now but never had the courage!


  6. Went on a house tour a few year back in Southport Ct to the Masters home and he used it in a guestbedroom. What an amazing excperience.Never to be forgoten.

  7. I'm attracted to interiors that can stand the test of time and the key, I think, is starting with a good foundation. Beautiful moldings and dark floors – how can you go wrong? The Hinson paper? Love it. Mr. Hadley? I'm enamored.

  8. Albert Hadley's work is timeless, it does not seem like that article was ten years ago. His wallpapers are wonderful.

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