Conscious Joyce

Yesterday was busy. Good busy, but busy. I’m wrapping up some stuff for our school auction, gathering hither and yon for my table for Dining by Design (nudge – you can buy tickets here), finding shin guards and throwing away forgotten Easter eggs.

You know what could make it all better? One of these dreamy new fabrics from Kerry Joyce blowing in the breeze of my open bedroom windows.

These lovely, muted shades would surely make me forget the bat inspection and standardized tests and handwriting camp. (Mr. Blandings may think I need to attend handwriting camp with the convicted, but I think we may both make a break for it.)

I first spied these beauties in L.A. along with this wonderful paper.

Joyce is introducing this line which can be custom colored, or shipped as is to be painted on site.

The images are not on the site yet, but watch this space for the complete collection. The fabrics are available to the trade through Kneedler Fauchere in Los Angeles and San Francisco and Dessin Fournir in New York and Chicago. Joyce’s demeanor is quiet and gentle; I think this comes through on his profile on 1st dibs here.

All fabric images courtesy of Kerry Joyce.
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7 thoughts on “Conscious Joyce

  1. Very, very pretty. I can always count on you to keep me up to speed on great new textiles. Hope you are well. Can't believe we are about to wrap up another school year! Crazy.

  2. I made my prom dress, and the fabric looked just like the top pattern, it was a sleeveless wrap with a thin self belt and I wore flats. I was so comfortable the entire evening. I think I would be comfortable in Joyce's designs the entire live long day too.
    pretty, demure and just lovely patterns.

  3. Patricia,

    Lovely image. These prints at an open window. In Atlanta, at least where I am, squirrels are so acclimated to intown life that they walk right through open French doors and sit down inside Totally kills the L.A. fantasy of living with the doors flung open to a garden 🙂

  4. Court – fortunately we are on the second floor, so we might avoid squirrels. Did I mention bats? Screens are very, very important. Though we did watch a squirrel dining on a bowl of cocktail peanuts at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs for what seemed like hours. Any time the bartender would be out of sight, he would dash in through the open door, up on a chair, onto the table and grab a snack. Back out before he was caught. Since it wasn't my house, it was completely delightful.

  5. The paper reminds me of the mid-century hand painted chinese panels that I just bought. Very detailed, but ethereal. Thanks for highlighting it.

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