Finish Line

The living room and dining room are back to order. Oh, yes, the dining room was piled and stacked and fairly buried as well.

The car is loaded and I am all ready for set up for Dining by Design. I will report back with pictures on Monday (see, only one more post), but if you are in town do pop in to see the tables. Table Hop Friday night 5 – 9, just $25 at the door or the sneak peek Saturday from 9 to noon for $10. All the info is here.

There is a silent auction both Friday and Saturday nights, and I tip my hat in grateful thanks to Margaret Russell who donated a signed copy of Elle Decor’s Style and Substance

and Thomas O’Brien who donated a signed copy of American Modern.

Wanda Allen Jewelry and Tom Tivol have made lovely donations as well and these are only a few of the treasures that will be up for grabs.

Hope to see you there.
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17 thoughts on “Finish Line

  1. Sooo many ooh's and ah's – I can't stand I won't be there. Best wishes and enjoy it all for those of us who can't come!

  2. Too bad you can't be in two places at onece, Patricia, but I'm really looking forward to meeting up with you here in Chicago. You have no idea how hard it's been not to cheat by buying Thomas O'Brien's book ahead of time. I haven't even looked at it. And it's killing me.

  3. Thanks to everyone – I really need it. Not possible without the saintly intervention of Mr. B. All of my friends are reminding me that angels must sing as he walks into a room. Um. Sort of.

    Magna – can't wait – and, actually, it seems like I will be two places at once, oddly.

    PPT – I think we are meeting up soon – so looking forward to it. Any friend of Eddie, Jaithan and Katie's….

    And, Patricia, last minute berry colored sheath from Hall's; stay tuned, I can't pick it up from alternations until Saturday on the way in from the airport before the second soccer game of the day.


  4. Don't you just love the feeling of excitement and anticipation that arrives when something you've worked on is about to be revealed? Enjoy your success tonight, and I hope you're lucky in the auction too!

  5. Congratulations–have a wonderful table, party and week-end. After which I believe Mr. Blandings deserves a few stars on the calender. Have fun.

  6. Looking forward to seeing your tablescape! Wish I could see it in person but I will have to wait until you post : )

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