My Kind of Town

Right. Painting, packing, primping to get ready for DbD on Friday (really Thursday as Thursday is set up.) Oh! And. And I’m going to Chicago Friday morning. Chicago really came first. That is, the plan to go to Chicago came first, then I decided to do the table and turn my entire family’s week upside down. My friend who looks like a young Carolina Herrera said, “Yeah. Sometimes you have to do stuff like that.”

I’ve never had a bad time in Chicago and with my saying that you should know that I once was involved in an U Haul accident that took out a cash machine there on New Year’s Eve. This trip had a similar evolution. I had told Thomas O’Brien that I would come up and hear him speak when he was in Chicago, then my on-line friend Magnaverde emailed to say, “O’Brien is coming on the 30th,” and all of a sudden the entire design universe seemed to align.

Really, seeing O’Brien, meeting Magna, I couldn’t quite imagine anything better and then Rick Ege emailed to say that he would be exhibiting at the International Antique Fair (also in the Merchandise Mart) and I almost fell out of my chair. Ege’s shop is in St. Louis and I keep up on it on Rick’s blog. He’s friends with Christopher Filley just so you know we are all peas in a pod.

But wait, it gets better. As fortune would have it, I will also have the opportunity to meet Marija, who writes the blog Holding Court. If you haven’t checked it out, you should; Marija’s got a good thing going over there.

I’d say come out to hear O’Brien, but I fear his talk and book signing are full. Still, the Antique Fair should be great. I can’t wait. I just hope there aren’t police. With the cash machine thing there were police.
Images from top, Rick Ege’s wares at the Chicago Botanic Garden Antiques Fair last week. Don’t fall in love with those Saarinen chairs as they sold, but the terrific botanicals in the silver leaf frames could be yours. Marija’s stylish tablescape via Holding Court and Thomas O’Brien.
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12 thoughts on “My Kind of Town

  1. Looking forward to DBD! Can't wait to see your handy work:) You'll have a ball in Chicago, no matter how crazy the week is – enjoy!

  2. Well, young lady, here's to over scheduling! Am sure you'll pull it all off with grace and aplomb, for if there's anyone who can, you can. Looking forward to seeing the pictures of your table…Reggie

  3. What a line up! Congrats! I was hoping to see you Friday night, bigger things call, and have a blast!!

    Art by Karena

  4. Oh, you are a windy little creature, aren't you blowing all about like a dandelion, spewing seeds and beauty wherever you fly to. I met Pam last Saturday at the Eddie R event and she is twisting my arm to blow on out to Kansas.
    I love Chi town and was there last July. My kind of people, jazzy and full of life. That Marija is wonderful, tell her hi from pve. She always leaves such fun comments.

  5. I am the most envious of you meeting up with The Magna. I so admire his writing and style. I think Miss Karma is making up to you for last winter's Kansas hell hole. Have lots of wonderful fun and watch out for those wreck-inducing ATM's.

  6. What a great group of minds! Delighted you know Ric Ege, as he is an old friend of mine. We, for many years had back to back booths at the Scott Antique Market in Atlanta. He has an amazing eye and a dynamite personality. Thea

  7. I have absolutely no idea how you are swinging all of this but I'm just happy that you are managing! Will I look too much like a tourist if I photo document every minute? And, how good an eye on you? That photo is indeed a TOB secretary turned jewelry armoire. Hope he'd approve…

    Simply cannot wait to meet you (and of course Magnaverde, Rick & Mr. O'Brien!).

  8. Chicago is always such a good time. Throw in blogger buddies, antiques and Thomas O'Brien…I can't even imagine the fun.

    I'm away most of Thursday but if you need help hauling anything downtown before let me know.

  9. I would say that "Blandings" is a misnomer–Friday is going to be anything but bland. Who is covering for you until you make it back to DbD? Life does have its twists and turns..good luck with connections, planes, trains and automobiles (uhauls) and all of the good stuff in between. I love the Rick Ege inventory–what an eye!

  10. Looking forward to seeing your table–I know it will be wonderful. As for the traveling and meeting amazing designers and seeing great antiques, well, I'm just the teensiest bit jealous. Watch out for ATMs and U-hauls!

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