The Other Lunch Table

I know all the cool kids are a bunch of Town & Country haters, like Stephen Drucker got ding-dong-ditched or something, but I have to say I think this home issue is a pretty good one. Maybe not life altering, but some good stuff. Let’s see, we have a little Michael Smith,

and an incredibly lovely house by Gil Schafer (I really, really like Gil Schafer);

Katie Ridder, working for her family – that should bring kudos on its own –

and, while not very many pictures of the house, this confection of a desk. Pink shagreen for heaven’s sake, which I can’t get over and I don’t even like pink.
I’ll admit, I subscribe for the jewelry, but all these projects will eventually find a home in my files.
Man, oh man, I haven’t scanned this many images from a current magazine in so long it makes me feel naughty. And a little slackerish. Images from top, Katherine Chez’s house by Michael Smith, photos by William Abranowicz; Sarah and Ozrey Horton’s house by Gil Schafer, photos by Christopher Baker; Connie and Tony Ridder’s house by their daughter, Katie, photos by Luca Trovato, Nadja Swarovski’s folks’ house, which includes that lifestyles of the rich and famous Barbie desk that I am now asking Santa for, photos by John Huba.
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22 thoughts on “The Other Lunch Table

  1. I'm not a T&C hater! I've read T&C for years – the clothes and jewels are exquisite. So what if it's a little fuddy. It's a free country 🙂 Am excited about the new leadership change though – hope it leads to something good!
    -Sanity Fair

  2. I'm def. not one of 'the cool kids' then, I've always loved T&C although I can't wait to see it get Druckerized. It's a long time coming. {Do you think they'll keep the weddings feature?}

  3. Actually, while I usually find Town & Country slightly appalling (although I did subscribe through the seventies, when they regularly featured Edward Gorey cartoons), their home issues are almost always really good.

    As is Gil Schaffer. That house! Those colors!

  4. Naughty can be nice, and I like this issue too. These are the best issues they do. I always think-there MUST be people that really love this-the ones whose photos are appearing-likely, But I get it nonetheless. I hope SD can CPR it back to life. pgt

  5. My understanding on the wedding feature, and I could be completely wrong as I cannot remember who told me this, as that they are basically ads. One pays for them. And, they have a very high amusement factor; I'm not sure why anyone would want them to go.

  6. These are all surely signs of hope. I do not hate T&C have even enjoyed them on occasion. But the number of issues that have bored me are too numerous to count!

    Looking forward to Mr. Drucker's arrival, where hopefully the images above will be far more abundant as well as more lively copy!

  7. I don't really have an opinion about Town and Country and the whole shake-up thing, but I have always taken pride at sitting at the other lunch table. It's cool to be un-cool!

  8. This issue was pretty fantastic, you're right! I'm so looking forward to seeing how Stephen turns this around: pure excitement over here! I've never been too worried about what the 'cool kids' thought anyway -i've been an architctural digest fan for years!!

  9. There just might be signs of hope on the horizon for the resurrection of a good design magazine. I think that SD is definitely up to the task; just look at how HB has evolved.

  10. Though not a subscriber, it is not because I'm a hater….just not as flush as I'd like. But now that Mr. Drucker is at the helm….I will be excited to see it make it's way onto my "must have" list.

  11. the house decorated by Gil Schafer belongs to friends of mine in Charleston- great story about that restoration- They found earthquake damage from the 1800's when the workmen removed some of the 20th century "improvements"- The slipcovered chairs in the photo are signed Louis XVI gilt – Much of the fabulous furniture was collected by Sarah with the help of Elizabeth Brennan Interiors here in Atlanta over several years- they always bought the best and it shows- You should see the suite of signed furniture upstairs-

  12. I am not s subscriber and read it more when on vacation or dream mode. But, I admit I always go straight to the weddings…..they amuse me 🙂

  13. I did not renew my subscription months ago because I found the text rather preachy and focused more on my obligations than my enjoyment. When I heard Mr. Drucker was to head the magazine, my first thought was that I might just have to re-subscribe! Now it looks as if I'll have to buy this issue off the newstand, too.

  14. Just renewed my T&C subscription and am glad I did. I, like you, like to peruse its pages for the jewels. And fashions. And horsoscopes. But that's it. 🙂

  15. Are you joking? I haven't read the other comments……I am a T&C LOVER!!!!!!!!!!

    Love! (I was actually IN it in a very GLAM photo in 1976 (wouldn't say that if you could find it!)
    I Love that mag. I think Stephen Drucker will be so fab and help the great LADY ! Love this mag!

    So happy they get the great Stephen Drucker!

    wonder where you get that people don't??

    just wondering.

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