Book Worm

Not that I endorse buying books for decoration, these two sets have an appeal that is difficult to deny. Those faded blue linen covers. Like your best jeans on good day.

And these. I can’t remember exactly, but I think they relate to engineering. Primers on railroad locations and such.
Both sets available at the River Market Antique Mall. Second floor, northeast corner I think. Far right as you come up the stairs.
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5 thoughts on “Book Worm

  1. And you didn't buy the Yale Shakespeare? I couldn't live without mine: A), I inherited it from a great love who cherished it, and I am happily reminded of him every time I pass it; B) Actually enjoy dipping into it–look up that sonnet, check that line from The Tempest; And C.) Indeed its faded blue linen covers look great in a row on the bookshelf

  2. John and Dilettante – I may have to go back. This is another on a growing list of well-known things with which I was unfamiliar. It was a good day at the mall and besides the McCoy vase in the perfect shade of blue, another chinoiserie piece perfect for peonies and a vintage straw bag I am haunted by an English pitcher with a silver plate top and glass vessel insert for chilling. This in addition to the two small bronze figures at Nick Carter's booth which remind me of Picasso which I've admired for months. Some days of hunting are better than others.

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