11 thoughts on “Drinks Are On Me

  1. Alexandra – I certainly see your point. If you look at the last image in the previous post you'll see they are pretty large. Also, made to order, which I imagine means not made in China by the thousands. So, no, not insane. Not everything can be from Target.

  2. Mrs. Blandings, I absolutely love these. They are so stylish, and the colors are wonderful! I wish I had them in both blue and green.

    When I clicked over to the website, I loved seeing the picture of them with the coffee service. They would be a perfect accessory for Florida. And there is a mirror there that takes my breath away, too (the gold one with the wheat… I think that's wheat in the design). Stunning.

    Thanks for posting this.


  3. Dear God, I was sure it was a misprint. I would love to know how many they sell at that price. For my money, they better be mink-lined or diamond-studded at that price.

  4. Oh, my. Would you throw in a mortgage payment too? Just kidding. I never seen anything like these trays before. Fun and colorful. And I'm a fan of the lampshades. Thanks for sharing the source.

  5. When I lived in Athens forty years ago, the coffee boy (and he was a boy) would use one of these to bring endless cups of coffee up the stairs to my office on the fourth floor — always accompanied with sugar and a glass of water.

    (Is $400 is too much to retrieve a fragment of my lost youth? Hmmm.)

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