Grand Masters

Click on over to see who Elle Decor has named to their Grand Masters list. I can’t argue with a single pick. Indeed, many are long-time favorites. Oh, and two of the nine are Kansas City natives, including the dashing Tom Britt, whose work appears above. Here.

Image courtesy of Elle Decor by Peter Vitale.
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14 thoughts on “Grand Masters

  1. Mrs Blandings, I love these designers, I can not help but wonder though why Elle decor has to classify them Masters, then 30 Favorites. The favs -no surprises there. It seems they rotate about 15 of these around in there publication. I would love to see more of the 9 and less of the 30-Are the 9 considered a bit too much? Wouldn't a recent Mario Buatta room be shockingly wonderful to see in ED, or Mica Ertegun, Why not, have they retired? I could go on with this, but it is useless. The days of a honest to goodness Beautiful Magazine is over (except for WOI, and We as in US(A) can not truly claim it. pgt

  2. LA – I am going to give you an answer completely based on hearsay. A few of these designers are regularly published in Architectural Digest. I've heard tell that that publication's editor will not publish designers if they appear on the competition's pages. There's more afoot here than what ED is willing to cover, I think. That said, (is this my third disclaimer? I think it is) I am not in the business on either side so I don't know this for sure.

  3. And did you see our own Grant Gibson on the "who to watch" list?! I was so happy for him!!!

    Michael Smith and Victoria Hagan have regularly appeared in AD and ED both. perhaps some designers are just that good ya can't pass them up.

  4. Hey that's me! I am honored, shocked and delighted beyond words to be on the "Watch" list.

    The 25 list and now the Grand Masters list- they are design inspirations. So many I have worshiped for years.

  5. Katie – point taken. Though I'm not sure that Hagan has been in AD since her recent ED feature.

    And, Grant! That is you, darling! And so well-deserved.

  6. Loved the Grant remark, more than I can say. Tom Britt, however, deserves his own Hollywood star.And, by the way, why aren't there stars for design's Blissseroos?

  7. I think that the Elle Decor list was too short. There are other decorators on this list that weren't mentioned and it makes for hurt feelings. When AD do this, they name 100 decorators instead! And yes, AD don't like 'their' decorators going to lots of other magazines to show their work.

  8. Anon – my understanding is that Elle Decor's list will continue to evolve, but I bet even when choosing 100 there are hurt feelings. Oh, and I've seen that list; there seemed to be some major oversights.

  9. The Tom Britt corner is just about the handsomest thing I've seen this week. I literally cannot find a thing to criticize about it. And being me, believe me I tried. Nothing but deep love for that picture.

  10. Totally off topic – is it wrong that this picture helps me with the current love hate relationship I am having with two chairs upholstered in a very similar fabric? If only I could get the light to hit them just so…

  11. Marija – I would say this is the upside of magazine reading and blog addiction; sometimes it affirms that something you have is already good rather than just leading you to want new stuff.

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