Tin Man

Another captivating little detail of Stefanidis’s house that I noticed in An Island Sanctuary is the metal shades.

Sometimes painted a snappy color.

Sometimes not.
Always so crisp. And durable, or so Mr. Stefanidis says.

Besides the metal shades, for which I could not find a good source so forward one if you have it, I’m mad for this drink tray.

So much better than carrying a bottle in each hand, the cocktail napkins under your arm and opening the door with your elbow. Chic. Make mine blue. (A change from black or white; maybe things are looking up.)
For really wonderful coverage of An Island Sanctuary; A House in Greece, make sure you don’t miss Courtney Barnes’s posts on the book here.
Top five images from An Island Sanctuary; A House in Greece by John Stefanidis, Rizzoli. Photography by Fritz von der Schulenberg. Last image from Stefanidis’s site. I’m trying to find out where one can purchase the drinks tray.
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12 thoughts on “Tin Man

  1. Things must be looking up because that's a happy little tray and so very clever!

    You've been through a tremendous bout of creativity with your beautiful table setting adventure and I think you are just ready for a vacation in Greece…(they would welcome the tourism too I think)! 😉

  2. just love the tray!! i hope you can find a source – the style is so perfect for the outdoors. just like a little lantern! i may have to join the hunt!

  3. I have been following your blog for a little while now, and I absolutely love it, it is so elegant and interesting. I was too reticent to comment until today, when I saw you talking about the house on Patmos. Teddy Millington-Drake was a great friend of mine, and I used to go and stay in that very house. I remember going into his studio and watching him paint those big abstracts. He was an utterly lovely, funny man, and it is wonderful to see him remembered. The startling thing about the world of blogging is that there you are in Kansas City, and here I am in the north-east of Scotland, and through the miracle of the internet there is a link, via the memory of a lovely artist. It feels positively Jungian.

    Thank you for posting those photographs; they really made me smile.


  4. You must see Rejuvenation Hardware, they have a new line of metal shades that are fab – and that tray, let me see, I think I just spotted one at our local thrift shop…..

  5. Beautiful posts on this home. Every element seems to have soul. I could really use some of those metal shades!! Thanks.

  6. Tania – I hoped from seeing his work that he was just as you described. Thank you for taking the time to comment; this blogging thing at its best is truly remarkable.

  7. I really don't know why everyone isn't perpetually attracted to the famous, I sure am.

    During my consultation with Hugh Newell Jacobsen, architect of the famed "Buckwalter House", he dropped a comment that pretty much went this way. "When I was working with Jacqueline [Kennedy] she said 'I don't know why I can't have what I want'." Mr Jacobsen indicated how unacceptable her attitude was. I, on the other hand, was convinced that if he spoke badly of her what would he say about me? That ended my relationship to the only person I ever knew who had actually spoken with Jacqueline Kennedy.

    I love the way bloggers get together to exchange experience and values. Do, oh please do, keep up the good work.

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