18 thoughts on “Yowza

  1. I know this is a test, I don't have the answer though! The setting, it is so gorgeous…

    Art by Karena

  2. If I did I would invite you to a party and serve those white puffy sweet things, and some sort of girly drinks and we could talk about things like "Tommy" and our latest modern wants.

  3. In a studio…it is a set design. Anthropologie has the greatest design teams ever. Each store is it's own jewel. So much fun to see art and design while you buy great clothes!

  4. Karena – It's not! I truly don't know and thought someone might.

    Anon – Really? It looks like there are shots in India – if that is a set then double yowza.

  5. I think this was shot in Theresa Cheek's (Art's the Answer) brain. If not there, I bet she knows. And dubba yowsa, yummy-licious.

  6. Pve's puffy sweet things sound good and all, but this room's giddy ornament–stucco? carved wood?–and its festive, sugary colors could be the basis for a whole line of exotic blue-iced pastries all by itself. Lay 'em out on a big pink-luster plate & you got a party right there, booze or no booze.

  7. That is so fun to look at and I would guess that is a set? Every time I go into one of their stores I just want to go home and start all over.

  8. so beautiful, would love to have have the crew along with me to shoot like this!
    ans i loved your table for diffa!

  9. Smart blog readers. All I was going to suggest was that it was in India.
    I swooned too when I saw it.

    mb from Dallas

  10. Really people…..It's the City Palace (the maharaja's) in Jaipur. Truly over-the-top opulent. Google images has lots of photos.

  11. Is it open to the public? A fantasy confection blue and white room. wow! Thank you for sharing!

  12. While it is obviously India, the catalogue was shot in a couple of places. I'm not certain it was the City Palace in Jaipur- there is no lake there. Possibly some of it was shot in Goa and/or Kerala

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