Bar Fly

As I am having a full-on flirt with California (yes, I know, traffic, smoggy, pricey, shaky – hey, everywhere has its downsides) I lingered long over LA designer Jeffrey Alan Mark and Ross Cassidy’s home in Elle Decor. Those kitchen barstools are knock-your-socks-off even for a town that is mostly sockless already.

So I clicked on over to check their site to see if the stools were regulars in their repertoire. Do take the time to visit; the scenery is great without the frustration of the 101.

Plenty of star sightings, but not the one I was after. So I asked. Mr. Cassidy tells me these antique barstools were purchased at Battersea in San Francisco.

As if a girl didn’t have enough to love. (Though right here in town there are some tiny bronze sculptures that resemble these andirons at the River Market Antique Mall in Nick Carter’s space. I’m smitten with those as well.)

Offering up a few souvenirs from the Battersea stock on 1st dibs. Even the prices look good.

Image, top, Elle Decor, June 2010, photograph by Simon Upton; next two images via jam design; remaining images via 1st dibs.

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9 thoughts on “Bar Fly

  1. Chiming in from Northern California. We love you up here too. That whole area around Kansas Street is design shopping, in case anyone is hit by the urge to visit Battersea. Eat lunch or breakfast at Sally's. You'll feel right at home.

  2. I can tell your in love with California. I'm a native who left but if you want to see what it used to be like, google San Luis Obispo. Central California coast is the best of California – sunshine, beaches,hiking, wineries and very few people.

    Enjoy daydreaming!

  3. Patricia as you know I lived in San Diego 13 years and still miss the California lifestyle; my friends and family out there! Visit as often as you can!

    Art by Karena

  4. I can see why the bar stools got your eye! They are breathtaking! I am going to check out all the stiff on first dibs 🙂 Thanks so much!

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