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I am please to report that the partners of Del Toro Shoes are shipping me what I am sure will be a perfect pair of custom monogrammed velvet slippers. The quality of the shoe was never in question, just a few administrative glitches, so I am giddy to be awaiting a new pair. Mr. Chevallard did let me know that they have found a new manufacturer who provides more consistent sizing; still, fit models are available to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Through the month of July Del Toro will offer Mrs. Blandings readers at 10% discount on their order (just enter “gz” at check-out.) Women’s shoes are available in black, green and blue velvet; men’s choice are the same with the addition of colorful linen. Embroidery choices abound. You could choose this graphic bull if you are gearing up for the American Royal and would like an alternative to boots.

A crisp and clean nautical flag appeals though I rarely put my foot aboard a boat.

Ocean, sporting, collegiate, they have it. Custom is available. Their prices are quite good; $165 for a classic slipper, $185 for a standard embroidery, $195 for custom monogram and $265 for a custom image. It’s a young company, they’ve had some growing pains, but I think they are on the right track. Let me know if you order and if you’re happy when you receive your shoes. I’ll do the same.
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19 thoughts on “Del Toro Shoes

  1. I'm glad they came around once you posted about the problems. But I wish you had not taken down the original post. I still wouldn't buy from them, as I don't have a high-traffic blog to use as leverage.

  2. Anon – I understand your reservations. The response was detailed and heartfelt. I was convinced that they are trying to do their best and are a start up in both business and life. Along that vein, I didn't think that the original post needed to stand.

  3. I came looking for the post that I got in my email this morning to comment on, but glad to see it has been resolved.

  4. This is the only type of shoe I can wear so I was so happy to see this notice. I called their number and received a return call in less than five minutes. He told me he was overseas and was reordering new women's sizes. By the way, I live just around the corner from you and had meant to contact you after your Charleston Place post. My family and visited there over ten years ago. We had tea with Quentin Bell and a tour of the house and gardens. It was all quite fragile. I cannot imagine how it was ever opened to the public. We were lucky because at that time there was a KC connection. If you are interested I'll tell you more and show you my haul. (A small haul but it is special.)

  5. I have unsubscribed to your blog. What you did had nothing to do with class. You didn't get decent service and you used your power and influence to your advantage. Well played, but then when the company saw fit to build their business via your blog and give you wonderful customer service you dumped the unkind but accurate posting and decided that they were worthy after all. A soul for a sole (or two). Free? Seems like a huge price to me. Integrity seems to be missing in this equation and therefore I am done reading your blog.

  6. If I suspect when learning the shoe company was the dream of young men not that much older than the oldest B boy the heart did melt and grace and kindness took over. I had hoped for a happy ending and it sounds like everything for that is in play. You taught these young entrepreneurs a PR lesson that couldn't be taught in school: putting one's best foot forward is often the best solution. Looking forward to seeing that snazzy monogram dance on your feet. Kudos to Del Toro for being of the bull, not full of it!

  7. The power of the press triumphs. Good for you. Three cheers that you took to the ewaves to get what you should have had from the beginning. I'm 100% in support of you stand. Ann

  8. Laura – I knew someone would see it this way. They did not request the pulling of the post, the discount or the post with a more positive tone. They only offered and explanation and to fulfill the original order. I'd be happy to forward you the emails in order to reassure you that these gentlemen did not seek to "build their business" through my blog. I really do like their product – I planned to promote it from the start. And, I think this is important, I did not receive anything for free. I paid for these shoes in full.

  9. I'm happy for you that your 'shoe' story has a happy ending. What an ingenious way to get your point across to Del Toro that they had not handled your customer service issue properly. Now they have been able to right a wrong. Blogging about this situation was a wonderful grassroots approach. All companies, big or small, need to be reminded on occassion that the object is a satisfied customer.

  10. Thank you for providing this source, and your experience with them. I'm still wearing 15 year old Stubb shoes but they've moved out of my price range some time ago and I've been looking for a close replacement. I'm willing to try this company after checking out their site and will keep in mind the point you made about sizing. It's important for any company, especially a new one, to acknowledge an error on their part and to remedy it. It does not mean the company has to provide anything beyond what was originally ordered, which I think you made quite clear in your original post was not your intention.
    A. Dennis

  11. thank you everyone for allowing us the opportunity to make things right.

    for any requests please free to call me.

    i am back from out of the country and willing to assist in everyones needs…

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