Enduring Styles, Post Script: Isabel Lopez-Quesada

I was going back through some of the posts from the Enduring Style series that I did last year. As I was reading the Aesthete’s picks again, I remembered that images from one of his choices, Isabel Lopez-Quesada, had been tricky to find; her site was under construction.

So I clicked the link to check it again. Here. Here is the link, though I warn you: if you click this link you are going to spend a lot of time on this site. A lot. You will want to. You will not want to miss a single image.

And if you miss Aesthete’s Lament perhaps you will feel that we toasted him here this morning for bringing us something good once again.

Also, maybe jot down the site address if you are interested. I requested permission to use these images and did not hear back. Just in case it makes someone a little grouchy and he or she asks me to pull them, bookmark now.
All images via isabellopezquesada.com.
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17 thoughts on “Enduring Styles, Post Script: Isabel Lopez-Quesada

  1. I was immediately drawn to the room with the red abstracts! Good to see our friend back ocassonally!

    Art by Karena

  2. Beautiful interiors. BTW the same can be said for your blog "you may spend hours there".
    I stop by An Aesthete's Lament from time to time to check and she has a recent post June 10.
    Have a great day, Mrs. Blanding.

  3. Looking forward to browsing these images with some a.m. java joe. We are having a downpour this morning, not too much else to do.

  4. Hi Patricia—–the images from Isabel Lopez Quesada's site make my heart sing–after living in Spain for 7 years and Mexico for 13, these influences are so close to my heart. All elements have a sculptural quality with nothing left to chance. Love at first sight. As for Aesthete's Lament, definitely miss the inspiration and great history and design tutorials–I do hope that she (?) returns to our screens. Thanks. Mary

  5. I sit here with my second cup of coffee and am reflecting on these beautiful rooms…and the lovely times all of us spent spellbound by the AAL's brilliance.

    I don't know how bloggers such as yourself, AAL and others who blog indepth and in frequency can afford to do this for the joy of it all. I do hope there is a way the great bloggers can make money. Until then Mrs. B, can we plead for a book from you?

  6. Thank You for keeping things going in AAL's absence- Do you wonder why we don't see more work in this vein? It is of the World of Interiors world-I think maybe she has been there. The-It has been here forever look, and It will be so, something may be added but never changed-

  7. Can definitely spend a bit of time there…so much to take in, need several more visits. Tricky business figuring out how to see it all…very clever!

  8. Happy to see these glorious images, delighted to toast brilliant AAL, and thrilled to echo home before dark: " " Until then Mrs. B, can we plead for a book from you?"

  9. LA – It seems her work is primarily in Europe; there was not an American project on the site. That may have something to do with it. Also, she may not have a publicist. Many designers who I have met lately do.

    As for the book. Easier to write than to sell. I'll keep at it.

  10. I just spend a half hour looking at Isabel Lopez-Quesada's work. Thank you for the introduction. I love how complete yet how spare the spaces are. Just the right amount of stuff and great art, and wonderful patinas and fabric touches and shapes!! Just love… thanks.

  11. I spent ALL evening poring over Isabel Lopez-Quesada's site! Oh, my, she has just gone to the top of my list. The home patio at El Viso in Madrid is my idea of heaven.

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