Major Crush

After the house tour (these are ins of yesterday’s out) I mentioned to Mr. Blandings that it does make a difference to have fine things.

I do love a mix of high and low, but mostly what I have is a mix of repro and low. The houses I toured had really, truly, lovely furniture.

This library/porch was particularly charming.

With that perfect touch of needlepoint and that delicious tile floor.
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9 thoughts on “Major Crush

  1. The library/porch is gorgeous. Especially those arched bookcases and mullioned windows. Reminds me of English conservatories. But I think that I would jazz up the furniture just a bit. Maybe add some large potted trees/palms to bring some of the beautiful (just glimpsed) garden inside. Now is definitely the time to buy period antique furniture–prices are way down and great buys abound. Have a great week.

  2. I love the library (one can never have too many books) and the tile floor. You may have lesser pieces, but you know what to do with them. You also are willing to personalize your spaces. That's a beautiful chair, but it's perfect with the needlepoint pillow made by the owner or a friend to had the talent and took the time to make it. Priceless!

  3. Hello. I love the library. Looks like a room to escape to. And of course being European the porch is absolutely the place I would spend my time and play with paints.

    Thank you for a wonderful experience

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