Monet & Moore

In first grade last year (ok, it was only two weeks ago) the youngest Blandings enjoyed the Merry Month of Monet.
May is a merry month, but I wondered how much he would absorb as we were all beginning to turn our faces from school toward pool. But he was quite engaged and wanted to know if we could see a “real” Monet. (Enough of this picture book nonsense.) As well as being merry, May is busy, so we did not make it to the Nelson to see their Monets until last week. Let me tell you, when you are little, that massive Water Lilies is really something else. As was watching him move in to look close and then back up to see clearly. I do think sometimes we make the guards nervous.
After we left the Impressionists behind we headed out to the grounds to see the sculpture park. On the lawn, there is an allee with these wonderful trees (yes, help please) that have the sweetest scent.
Both buildings are stunning, inside and out, and it was such a treat to be able to run at the museum.
P.S. Special thanks to the reader who called to my attention to the Calder sculpture on the East side; it was a hit. The title of the post refers to the many Henry Moore sculptures on the lawn.
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14 thoughts on “Monet & Moore

  1. If you are still on a quest for more Monet, there is a fabulous exhibit here in Omaha at our wonderful Joslyn Art Museum called Landscapes from the Age of Impressionism. It has come to us from the Brooklyn Museum and will be open until mid-September. Maybe a field trip for Kansas City folk?

    Kelly Thedinger

  2. I think the trees you photographed may be basswood. If you return in a week or so, and there are light brown papery looking pod cases/covers on the ground, then the probability is stronger. I live in the Northeast where these trees are fairly common. Enjoy the summer.

  3. I beleive you were experiencing the sweet smell from the linden trees. My dad planted one outside my parents room when I was little and I always loved spending time in there when it was cool enough to have the windows open.

  4. The scented allee is planted with Catalpa Speciosa, I believe. Usually fragrant in May and spent by June, but we have been on the wetter, cooler side of early summer. You remind me to take a walk through the Sculpture Park!

  5. Look how beautiful the Nelson is. I see that building and remember the distinct smell and rush of cold air that hits you on a summer day when you walk into those hallowed halls.

  6. As always I am thrilled when you post on the truly great art we have in Kansas City. I think very few people know of our treasures; so we will keep getting the word out!

    Art by Karena

  7. I believe those are linden trees. They are all over Kansas City and are the yummiest when they are in bloom!

  8. I am pretty sure these are Linden trees! One can harvest the blossoms and make delicious tea from it.
    (Known also as lime blossoms)
    In the evening calming and refreshing. Honey schented…

    Great pictures!

  9. Glad your son was so interested in the art of Claude Monet. He was and still is one of the greatest Impressionist Artists of his day.

  10. To Mrs. B and youngest son
    Seeking Monet and
    Enjoy the artful day
    No doubt Claus's oversized
    Bring a smile your way.
    With son in tow (I did the same)
    See art he will
    And later recall their name(s)

    Outings with mom are special indeed.
    Remembering my own cultural trips
    Gives me pause and good memories and a passion that lasted all my life.

  11. Beautiful post! I had the pleasure of seeing a Monet exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art 2 summers ago… it was so amazing!

    Happy Weekend!

  12. We are beyond blessed here in DC to have stellar museums…funded mostly by your Federal tax dollars. Thanks.

    LFG's first trip out of the house…other than to the pediatrician…was to the National Gallery. Air conditioning and clean bathrooms…a cafeteria…the perfect place for a newborn in July.

    We've not missed any major exhibitions since and I've loved seeing art through LFG's eyes. Thanks for helping me conjure great memories this morning.

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