Serene Scene

Two of the women who volunteered their homes for this private house tour were empty nesters.

Along with really beautiful antiques, their houses were so clean. And quiet. And clean. I mean, my house is clean, but not like this. For example, I did not notice anywhere that a small hand had scratched a smiley face into a leather chair. That may be a Blandings’ original.

I loved the serenity of this house; even that cool, blue room, top, remains calm clad as it is in bittersweet.

The home owner showed us the care she had taken with the lighting of the art; that glowing gal in the living room goes straight into mourning with the flip of a switch.

Part of the point of tour director, Suzanne Cooper’s, tour was that empty nests need not be staid and boring. Part of the appeal of the smaller space is being able to pare down to the pieces that are the very best.

And jazz things right up with fresh fabrics.
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20 thoughts on “Serene Scene

  1. These rooms are beautiful, and although I believe you were referring to the color, they do have a touch of the bittersweet about them. I hope a grandchild occasionally strews Legos about or leaves a Highlights magazine on the chair.

  2. You'll have that clean, serene house one day, perhaps even one built by an architect son. And I bet you'll look back fondly on that smiley face.

  3. I am sure that if you had a tour arranged and pictures taken your house will be looking sparkling and calm like those! On the other side try to ring the bell at the door of these ladies in the middle of the day, unexpected, you may be surprised! It is also so true that downsizing brings with you only the best of your belongings. Editing is the key.

  4. The 2nd picture with the white armchairs beside the fireplace is so beautiful.
    This is the kind of living room I would have in my dreams..I mean the white, I love white but not practical.

  5. Reminds me of going to stay with my Aunt Mary who was an empty nester, coming from a home of one of seven kids, I always looked forward to my visits. I taught her to paint at her kitchen table with the fish plates hung and the Beam birds hanging by the window. She taught me to sew. That was a very special place for me.

  6. Lovely houses — as an empty nester — I'm dealing with a husband who has reverted to a teenager — things left scattered all over especially in the public rooms! (clothes, shoes, jewelry) — sigh!!!

    Love these homes and the antiques and the serenity of it all — but also on a homes tour things are picked up and everything is extra clean! Perhaps they don't truly live like this!

  7. I'm having a major orange "crush" these days, and I love that powder room color. How festive. I'm an empty nester too, and it's really nice to be able to do exactly what I want in my space. Oh, and sometimes that means leaving a few messes around!

  8. Keeping a spotless home is definitely an advantage to being an empty nester. I love that orange powder room!!!

  9. I have worked with an empty nester or 2 & we did pare down but I encouraged her to keep things she talked about getting rid of, it still reeks of a smiley face or two.

  10. Hi Patricia, Love that bathroom. But I think I prefer the scratched imprints on leather….the rooms (although gorgeous) are just a little too perfect for my taste. For me it is the imperfections that makes me sit up and take notice. Have a great week…is anybody going to camp this summer? Mary

  11. My six year old daughter carved her initials into our built-in bookcase. When we explained that this led right to her as the culprit who had done the carving, she looked thoughtful. The next week we found her father's initials carved into the bookcase ……

  12. Let me assure you there were plenty of signs of beloved grandchildren -I should have included some of those as well.

    And, Robin, that is hilarious.

  13. Adore the powder room, that mirror, fabulous. My children are grown, and I am in a condo still trying to edit down my space!!

    It is a fun adventure and when the little ones are over you can tell for sure!! Art projects everywhere.

    Art by Karena

  14. Robin's comment has made my day. Although a smiley face in leather was quite compelling. As for a muse for aging in time and place, I highly recommend The Blue Remembered Hill's post today. Lovely and lyrical…which will never be said about my home. Thanks for taking us along on the house tour. Maybe it will make me sweep my floors today!

  15. Easily my favorite spaces among the beautiful ones you've featured from the tour. Something so confident about a space that doesn't succumb to trends. If they were my own, I might want to jazz them up with a few current pieces (and maybe even legos) but something tells me this suits the homeowners perfectly. Thanks for taking us along!

  16. Love the orange powder room. The ceiling lights in the other photos are making me think about using them. Thanks for this thought provoking post.


  17. Delighful home, Love the bedroom looks so calming and inviting.You make bed linens looks luscious and inviting – now that is talent. Good Job and Fabulous Blog.

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