Stage Mom

You know those parents? Those parents on the sidelines whose faces are red, ranting at the coach, yelling at the players, barking instructions at their kids? The ones you think, “Buddy, let it go; you were never going to be a superstar and neither is he. Give him a break.”?
Let me assure you that that behavior has nothing to do with me. It does not relate at all to my emotions when I discovered this sketch and floor plan that my eldest made of a tree house. It did not occur to me at all that his drawing was precise, or that the floor plan actually related to the exterior. I hardly noticed his ingenious use of the spiral staircase, which would be particularly handy in a tree house application.
Or the tiger skin rug. I wasn’t giddy for even a moment about that.
I did notice that there is no lighting plan.
But I didn’t point it out. Because I’m not that kind of parent.
Master Blandings agreed to allow his drawings to be published under the condition that I mention that he is still working on the plan for the second and third floors.
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40 thoughts on “Stage Mom

  1. This is going to be the grandest tree house that ever was designed…and hopefully one day, built!!! Brilliant!

  2. Is this the same fellow who wants to go west?
    I adore the plan and the half bath/ powder room. Everyone needs one of those in a tree house along with a dining room.

  3. Oh-my-goodness! You are totally allowed to wax lyrical Mrs. B, Son #1 has a eye for detail that leaves me lost for words.
    Millie ^_^

  4. Love it – looks like Master Blandings has inherited your talent. Can't wait to see what's next in his plans.

  5. Quite lovely. The lighting plan in probably contingent on some sort of budgetary concern due to the general lack of electricity in tree houses. 😉

  6. So it's true what they say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Mazel tov!
    You'll be in trouble when he starts criticizing YOUR decorating.

  7. That is an amazing plan and elevation for a young boy! I am impressed. I dream that my boys become architects 🙂

  8. OK… so at first I was going to comment about your child's talent and your clever post…. but then I got to the part about the tiger skin rug…. and then I searched for it on the drawing!! HUGE SMILE!!! That's fantastic! What kind of design genius child puts a tiger rug in a tree house? Yank that kid out of school and enroll them in Parsons TODAY! 🙂 🙂

  9. I'm amazed! Wonderful! I think somebody has a future in architecture… Reminds me of myself at that age, and guess what I do now?

  10. I love it. Hang on to it. I know how easily these things disappear in life. This one is a keeper. The drawing, that is. And the kid, of course…

  11. I think we have a budding architect on our hands. I used to do the same thing as a kid and I took it VERY seriously……
    Let him know now that architects are perenially broke and get paid nothing. He wants to be a lawyer! HAHA

  12. Architect/interior designer? Candlelight is appropriate in most settings. Bravo No. 1. Thanks for sharing these wondrous adventures in parenthood.

  13. I can only imagine the wave of pride that must have washed over you. I'm telling you, it all starts with the Legos.

  14. My husband is a landscape architect. His mom saved all of his drawings like these. They are so fun to look at now. Your son definitely has the architect gene.

  15. Wow is my original comment number ?23? But he really is good, and ambitious. I love the idea of hauling sofas into a tree house, which would look great by the way. The double decker verandas are a wonderful feature. Do you have a really solid oak tree?

  16. Given past performance with parents out of town and showers not used, find great comfort that plumbing was envisioned. The dining room almost moved me to tears given your angst with that room. Loved the smile on the tiger rug. Frame this one, mom.

  17. Patricia,

    Yes, you definitely have to save these (not that there was any doubt) but, you know, to be among the moms of famous designers/architects we are always reading about.

    I'm seriously impressed. If this is the same son who recently said something aloud about being an architect, well it's all coming together. And I love what Kerry said about electricity in tree houses 🙂

    The legos had a bigger purpose all along! Well done Blandings brother.

  18. My son played endlessly with Legos but never developed that kind of aptitude for architecture! That is nurtured and innate talent right there, you should be so proud! There is a "treehouse" hotel in Big Sur (I think) and it reminds me of that, just brilliant!

  19. Get. out. that is unbelievable!!!! He's definitely got his mama's eye (and his dad's penchant for a nice sized kitchen!)

  20. Kenneth Brown's office is/was decorated with his childhood sketches of homes. I saw it in some magazine but can't find it now. A grouping, framed identically, natch. Definitely worth keeping 🙂

  21. Mrs. Blandings,
    I agree with everyone you need to frame it. What really made me smile was his doors. I love the aerial view with the door knobs on each side. So smart!


  22. Not sure if the comment I left yesterday came through but the gist of it was I'm seriously impressed!

    Years ago in Atlanta a bunch of architects designed tree houses for our botanical garden. This reminds me of that. The Blandings boys are so creative and intelligent!

  23. A good lesson and reminder to all parents…let your children enjoy the path of less controlled lives and they will reveal their talents to you!

    Frame it lavishly!!!

  24. Mrs B, This is my second time looking at this post- I cannot believe the thought your son put into that schematic ….It's amazing!!! This is my favorite post of yours of all time!

  25. His work is amazing – both perfectly drawn and creative. Both of our sons did floorplans and the younger one moved to detailed maps of islands when we read Hardy Boys. Buy him a generous but easily handled size spiral sketch book and ask him to use it and add the date. Your heart must be bursting.

  26. Good for you for not being that kind of parent even though I am guessing you really want to say something but hey…tree houses need hand carried lanterns (and maybe flashlights), nothing else would do. How elase could a boy keep on dreaming?

  27. O.K., wait a minute this kid is HOW old? Of course I have no idea what shenanigans this chid has pulled of in his year's..but he's gonna be fine. I realize I'm coming in after the bell but this is the post which compelled me to finally sign on add a comment.

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