2 for 2

If you have not seen Miles Redd’s project in this month’s Town & Country you should make a point to pick it up on your lunch hour. One of the things that caught my eye about this room was not one, but two – two! – pairs of Christopher Spitzmiller lamps. This doubles my regular lamp envy.
That being said, Chris is having a seconds sale and you can pick up one or two or four of his beauties at a discount. He will happily work with out of town customers, but it’s helpful, necessary really, if you have an idea of what you need when you call. You can see styles and glaze samples at his site here.

Image, top, is Miles Redd for Danielle and Glen Rollins. This is my image of a much better photo by Francesco Lagnese.
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14 thoughts on “2 for 2

  1. I'll take one in every color, please.
    And that house! Oh my goodness, is that one of the most beautiful places ever. If only we could all be married to the Orkin Man!

  2. Gorgeous, every room is perfection in Atlanta!!! Who knew the exterminating biz was so lucrative!
    I'd trade my Princeton educated /Wall Street husband in a minute! 😉

  3. A few nights ago, I was at a large dinner party on the Hollywood Hills after the opening of the Dennis Hopper collection at the Mocca ….we were all discussing an old friend of ours who could with us that night and how having blogged with you a few times he very graciously arranged for you to visit Tony Duquette's House which you did…….and never heard from you again……we were all shocked. One does not do that in LA or in NYC
    or in Paris… So only in Kansas ?

  4. The chinoiserie gilt mirror makes my heart skip at least two beats…. and then combine it with Spitzmiller lamps and traditional English style and it just about stops. Spitzmiller lamps (porcelains) will, no doubt, hold their own against fine Chinese porcelains in the years to come. How he achieves his glazes is a miracle. Must get the new Town and Country. Have a great week.

  5. Anon – Part of your information is correct. Two long time readers and email friends graciously reached out when they knew I was coming to Los Angeles. One arranged the tour and the other took me on it. We spent a couple of hours together and the tour of the home and of Beverly Hills was lovely. When I got home I thanked both of them for taking care of me in LA. I think the point of contention was that I did not post about the experience. If that was the intent of the tour I am incredibly sorry, but it is not true that I didn't offer my appreciation or contact either person again. Bad form is bad form wherever you are. If you'd like to discuss this with me further you can email me directly – my email is on the site, but again it is bshack@kc.rr.com.

  6. I saw the two pairs!!! And thanks for the link about the seconds sale. Sadly, I'll be in Nashville the rest of the week and won't be able to go in person…. I guess I could count up my pennies and make a call, though!

  7. What a beautiful room! I love the huge art work. And those lamps are so beautiful…making me wish for NYC again.

  8. I'm pretty obsessed with the Boxwood house I believe is pictured above. Every inch of it.

    And, so glad to know about the seconds sale….I've probably missed all the good ones, but it never hurts to check. Great tip!

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