Bracelets I Cannot Afford

Mrs. Blandings, age 4
We were at the pool this week and there was a little girl who looked a lot like this. Her haircut was nearly identical. There was a large buffet line and her mother let her fix her plate herself. When she came back to the table her entire plate was filled. I elbowed Mr. Blandings. One half contained a single layer of black olives; the other half had three large wedges of watermelon. Sometimes, we just want what we want.
So, I’ll share the latest installment in Bracelets I Cannot Afford. For a good little while I’ve wanted a skinny bangle with a heavy charm to wear on my left hand with my gold link bracelet and my watch. At first I wanted the charm to be a pea pod and then I had a hankering for having one made with the monogram I showed last week. But I’ve grown attached to my newest nickname. I’ve been going through a pile of Southern Accents and was reminded of this Slane & Slane charm. It may be discontinued, but a few retail locations still have it. I was hunting for all yellow gold, but the onyx popped up and it is pretty appealing, too.
That’s the meaty, heavy side. The sugary watery goodness is this silk Piping Shirt from Olatz. I fear I would want to wear it every day.
Charm photo from here; Olatz shirt scanned from Vogue from a while back.
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18 thoughts on “Bracelets I Cannot Afford

  1. Funny, I never liked a buffet or the "all you can eat" sort of spread, but to be served just what I want, now that would charm me to no end.

  2. I am in awe of your storytelling ability and wit. Absolutely charming post! What a nice way to start the day.

  3. And what about those ballerina slippers–I could wear those night and day forever. Thanks for the dreaming.
    Have a super 4th of July week-end.

  4. Mrs. B: Do what I do. Retail rationalization. As in, I used a coupon to buy shampoo this week,and it was double coupon day, which means I saved $1.34, which means I have PLENTY of money to buy that bracelet. See?

  5. You were adorable! I should say, you ARE adorable but does anyone call you adorable? You're too sophisticated but what the heck … I'm putting it out there, you're adorable! As is the charm. If it weren't for the onyx, I bet you could find a knock-off…

  6. Black olives to black onyx. I wish my mind worked
    in such a linear path. Great post and now I can
    add this bracelet to my growing wish list. Although,
    I like the monogrammed version too. Where did
    you find that?

  7. Is that a bee on the onyx charm? Bees are my newest project and I see them everywhere. Cute picture and story!

  8. Patricia – perhaps you could create your own for the 4th. Wondering what I would put on my plate. A lot of French Fries most likely.

    BT- endlessly. The funny thing is three sets of braces is never on the list and always what I am actually buying.

    Anne- thanks.

    pgt – completely agree.

    Mary – Blahniks – you have a good eye.

    Mary Kay – I often use the "cost per wear" rationalization, but I like your method much better. less math.

    Marija – I'm going to keep hunting as I do think it is an outrageous price for what it is.

    Megan – didn't. Thought I would have Wanda Allen here in town make it. It's all dreaming right now; we'll see what happens if I ever make a move.

    Kathy – bee, indeed.

    KT – thanks! Have fun with your boys as well.

  9. I would've known the smile without the caption. I think this is my favorite post of the summer. The image of the plate laden with black olives has been with me several hours now.

  10. Yes, adorable indeed at age 4!

    I always enjoy your "bracelets that you can not afford" posts….fun and so stylish.

    As for a plate of black olives and watermellon? Sounds great to me!

  11. I recently found and purchased the Slane and Slane large gold bee pendant on Gilt. It seems they hold Slane and Slane sales about twice a year. If you can find the small gold bee charm there, it just may be in your budget. Good luck!

  12. My son is known for his lunch of "black olives" at school! I know he could relate. And, that picture of you — just adorable. I hope it's hanging on a wall where you can see it every day!!!! xo Elizabeth

  13. mrs. blandings,
    i just found your blog today and i am adding you to my list of daily reads. i've been reading through your archives and have smiled and laughed…great way to while away the approximately 30 minutes i have to myself before my children wake up!

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