Desk Set

Months ago former Kansas Citian, Kate Donnelly, asked me to snap a photo of my desk for her very engaging site From the Desk of. It took me a shameful amount of time to make it presentable.

You can check the post here, then read the other profiles. If you are expecting super-styled, accessorized fantasyland, don’t; this is where people work. You’ll be embarrassed by what I consider clean. That’s Kate, above, who is incredibly patient and nice. Stop in and see her.
Header art and photo via From the Desk Of.
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16 thoughts on “Desk Set

  1. I'm so relieved that I'll never be famous so Vanity Fair or Elle Decor will never ask to see my desk. In fact, I think I'd resist fame if it meant having to let someone see it…

    Yours is positively Martha Stewart tidy by comparison. Such a pleasant window. I'd be looking out all the time.

  2. Dilettante – Rosie and I have gotten to know a lot of neighborhood dogs this way. Keep your eyes open for GT – I think he's up there this week.

  3. Hi Patricia——now! that is my kind of desk. The perfect place to respond to boring anonymous comments. Have an unboring week.

  4. Mrs B, Your desk is so neat compared to mine and I'm just a housewife!
    ( I sent your some "blonde" hair elastics last week- I finally found some!)
    -linda, ny
    ps what's with the snippy comments?This is a design blog, "chillax" as they say in California, people!

  5. Linda! I got them! Thank you so much – I've been hunting for your address to send a note. A total life saver.

  6. Everything you need in one space with a window to the world – perfect. Especially like the red dog ball and notes from your sons!

  7. Love the desk.

    Last time I checked, you were a full-time mom.

    There is no more important work on earth.

    And it's not the easiest job around, but you clearly do it (the way, Mrs. B., you do everything) with great grace.

  8. Thank you so much for the kind posting! I'm so grateful you participated and happy it took a few months; the best surprises take a while. And, they're always worth waiting for. My little picture is from our trip to Argentina; my husband snapped it quickly (I don't love to be photographed).

    Thanks again!


  9. The only thing that makes me embarrassed about that photo is the way you call it "messy". If my work area ever looks that neat, there wll be photos all over the Internet, and by god, there won't be any apologies, either. But that probably won't happen. My stacks of papers & tearsheets may not have reached the level of Mario Buatta's, but then, neither has my talent, and sad to say, the stacks will get there long before the talent does.

    But I love the red ball story. You never know what a seemingly small act will turn into, and I'm just glad that you decided to buy Rosie a new toy that day. And speaking of dogs, when bratty anons breach the fence of civility, I'm all for Mr. Burns' no-nonsense solution: Release the hounds!

  10. It's been a somewhat 'challenging' day at work, but seeing your reply to that grumpy Anon. person had me laughing like a bandicoot (strange but cute, little Aussie marsupial). A great way to end my day on the other side of the world Mrs. B!
    Millie ^_^

  11. P–

    Never trust anyone with a 'tidy' desk.

    Creativity requires papers and notes and thoughts and reminders and books and files.

    I love your response to the 'anonymous bore'. Is there anyone more boring than an 'anonymous' commenter.

    An imaginative and passionate and bold person would at least sign up on Blogger, make up a witty name, and be brave enough to post something of pith and vinegar!

    cheers, DIANE

  12. fun blog, I'm glad to know about it. what a scary prospect this would be for me: having operating central photographed.

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