Lussier’s Creamy Cabinet

Here we go, the reoccurring theme of green and white.

Hanging cabinet, chocked full of creamware and Chinese export porcelain. Hard to argue with that.
Images, Roger Lussier, his own home, photographed by Thibault Jeanson, Southern Accents, March/April 2003.
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10 thoughts on “Lussier’s Creamy Cabinet

  1. What I find fascinating about this cabinet is that it was obviously the top section of a "deux corps" but has become the center point of the room. And it is gorgeous and perfect in its imperfect state. I love the color chosen for the interior. My great grandmother's beloved secretary bookcase would look fantastic in that pale sea green and creamy white….Huuuummmmmmm. I think I feel a project coming on–can't stand the secretary the way it is, but painted? We'll see. I have loved this series of posts–thanks, Mary

  2. I do like that green and white but I'm not sure what to think of the whole trend of painted furniture — reminds me of my youth when you antiqued things (olive, blue red, yellow) — lots of good furniture got painted!

  3. loving that nymphenburg (yes?) statue of the couple. Also interesting how all the colors are identical – so often the glazes are different shades. quite the collection!

  4. Mrs B-

    So exquisite. I've always admired his very refined sensibility.
    (Note to PVE–you mentioned 'ague'…and I wonder if you meant algae or something else I am swirling around in the mind. I may be missing something but the last time I read Shakespear…an ague was an ache, like a tooth ache or 'feeling the ague' meaning aches and pains. Please ellucidate…I am intrigued.)

    Beautiful selection here…cheers, DIANE

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