Pop Quiz – Nate Berkus

Yes, indeed, Nate Berkus. “Judi” was the first to guess at 10:58 last night.

Did you know I really post the night before? I do.

Lots of design savvy folks followed. The previous post was Berkus’s Chicago apartment featured in Veranda, May/June 2003, photographed by Casey Sills.

You can see a newer Nate project in this month’s Elle Decor. Which is where I nabbed these images by Roger Davies.
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7 thoughts on “Pop Quiz – Nate Berkus

  1. Oh, my gosh. Would you believe me if I said "I was going to guess Nate Berkus", but didn't leave a comment earlier? I thought of Nate Berkus and also Thomas O'Brien. However, assumed you had already covered T.O. since you are an admirer. Anyway, this is a pointless comment, but I feel better knowing that I wasn't clueless.

  2. What a surprise! If you go back and REALLY look at every detail you certainly see the evolution of his style. The dogs were no clue at all either – lol! I did spend time however with his latest Elle Decor spread and frankly didn't like anything about it. If you posted this month's pictures one may not have guessed Nate Berkus. To make myself feel better I went back to an earlier issue of ED and enjoyed again the apt. of Oprah's producer (a joint work w/Anne Coyne). All I can say is maybe Chicago and Tampa don't mix? Your thoughts?

  3. I didn't get in on the quiz in time but I must say these are some fresh looking designs by Nate. He is such a dear. Success couldn't have happened to a nicer man. Shiree'

  4. Patricia,

    This was just what I needed. You know I've been pondering darker walls, and clearly they've been so in vogue the last few years, but I'm collecting all sorts of old images from Hampton to Baldwin — looking at which ones pass the 'not trendy' test — and seeing slightly older Nate work is helpful.

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