Roger Lussier – White Knight

Previously, I have posted two versions of Roger Lussier’s Boston apartment. The first was published in ’89 and the second in ’94. (You might remember that Suzanne Rheinstein noted Lussier’s apartment was a space that would last in the Enduring Styles series.)

My needlepoint guru recently passed along piles of Southern Accents and I whiled away a few mornings catching up with that old friend.

This is a third version of Lussier’s apartment which appeared in SA in March/April of 2003. Another jewel. With white walls.
Photography by Thibault Jeanson.
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13 thoughts on “Roger Lussier – White Knight

  1. Do I see some white walls coming on over there in dream house? The bottom image looks as though it has a splash of lavender water. A pretty parlor and pallor. Fair of face.

  2. Lussier's design work is indeed enduring. I adore the images you posted, Patricia. I could move right in!

    Art by Karena

  3. The first time that one of Lussier's apartments was published, it made me just want to throw everything out, get everything reframed, and start over. Still feel that way. This sort of attenuated chic is still my favorite.

  4. Amazing photos of great objects of desire. The engravings in plain gilt frames, the grotto/dolphin chair, the silvered candelabra, and the white-washed "abattant" –that's a super idea. As for the wall-paper screen: don't remind me: I turned my back to chat with a friend last Thursday at auction and the 19thc. french wallpaper screen (that I had waited to bid on for 1 hr.) was sold without my even raising an eye. Next…..
    Have a wonderful day! Mary

  5. Lasting style indeed. Do it well the first time….and there is no need for major redecorating. Beautiful interiors!

  6. What is it about white? Is it that everything else in the room stands out? It is about 'clean'? Is it some kind of association with purity? I love white. I love talking about white.

    Recently I reviewed Martha Stewart's pictures of her Lily Ponds home. In the beginning, white walls and furnishings. Then she changed to buff, beige, whatever. The pictures were so so, uninspiring, drab. Do you suppose she felt better with beige? I hope so because it sure did not photograph better.

    When I redid my kitchen I did everything in white, cabinets, counters, appliances, including painting the floor with white added to polyurethane so the floor would be not just white but shiny white. Every time I go into that room I feel good. The food looks good, and sometimes I think it makes me prettier, but that may only be my vanity.

    Love your blog. Ann

  7. We designers in Boston, and beyond…
    We be lost without his beautiful work.
    And, exceptional taste. He is also a
    wonderful human being. I love this

  8. Old Southern Accents are worth their weight in gold! So thanks for sharing a couple of nuggents.

  9. Beautiful and sophisticated spaces. These rooms are so intriguing–thanks for sharing. I'll probably be scouring ebay over the weekend for these magazines (after saving the images to my inspiration file too).

  10. These spaces are amazingly elegant and classy. Although they are not my taste, each room has something that draws you in. My favorite designs include an earthy feel, from leather, to stone, to hardwood flooring. Thanks so much for sharing this elegant rooms, great for inspiration 🙂

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