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As I’ve mentioned (again and again) my love of needlepoint, both the product and the process, a few readers have emailed occasionally to say, “Hey, where do you find your projects?” Because, honestly, some canvases are a smidge dated. I’ve had a lot of my canvases painted by our local needlepoint shop, the Studio, but I fear not every one is so lucky as to have such a nice resource.

Except you do. On-line. Art Needlepoint has hundreds of amazing canvases – truly something for everyone. Some may look familiar, like Harrison Howard’s design, top, or Anne Harwell’s, above.

But there are lot of fresh patterns whether you are enhancing living room, child’s room or den. These butterflies would be unbelievable finished.

Barbara Mangini’s Fern on Indian Print could freshen the sunroom,

could add a graphic dash of style and color

to tired sofas everywhere.
Some canvases are sold as kits, regardless, Art Needlepoint is happy to pull yarn of any variety for your project. Custom specifications available. If you stitch quick you still have time to get a project completed by Christmas. That’s what I’m hoping anyway.
All images courtesy of Art Needlepoint.
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24 thoughts on “Art Needlepoint

  1. There is nothing more wonderful to keep the hands busy as needlepoint and cross stitch. The finished product, if done properly is perfect. Thank you for these wonderful sources. I would love to finish the second one by Ann Harwell. I would also love a canvas for a bench. Have a great week.

  2. omg, you're a life saver! I now have the perfect gift for someone very special who loves to needlepoint. Thanks so much!

  3. Spot on, Mrs. Blandings. After decades of Maggie Lane (which I still love – but my eyes do not), I am more than ready to tackle painted canvas. These designs are fresh and I am thrilled you have shared your resource. Thank you!

    Sarah Leineweber
    Greenville, SC

  4. When I was in my 20s — eons ago! — I taught needlepoint at Gimbel's, Macy's, Bloomingdale's and Abraham & Straus department stores in NYC and Brooklyn. . . back in the day when department stores had fabulous needlework and fabric departments.

    It's a wonderful yarn art medium, so adaptable. I'm delighted to see it being revived, with a new looks and patterns. Beautiful!

  5. Patricia, I had no idea, what a great source. I am heading over to Art Needlepoint right now. Your images show some amazing choices.

    Art by Karena

  6. Imagine my surprise to see our watercolor by Harrison Howard featured on your blog. We love the painting and Harrison's work. I did not know about the needlepoint kit, but I will have to purchase it now.

  7. who knew about this resource, that is why I always stop in. a great site and dont even needlepoint. I would love to take it up-but woe to carpel tunnel, arthritis et al

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this website. I am an avid needlepoint stitcher and so many of the needlework shops in my area have closed. In my travels I am always looking for lovely needlework shops and will visit this one online.

    I have been surprised to see crewel embroidery show up on upholstery fabrics recently. At this very moment I am having a Joe Ruggerio French Bergere chair covered in a crewel fabric that I fell in love with and bought the bolt. It makes for a beautiful conversation piece inserted in your interior decorating scheme if it works.

    I have enjoyed your blog for many months and am a friend of someone you met not long ago I think, Martha/Linderhof. Your blog is inspirational.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  9. Not quite the same thing, but have you ever been up to the convent of the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration in Clyde, Missouri? In addition to making communion wafers for many of the Roman Catholic and Episcopal churches in the US, they have an amazing collection of needlework, beautiful vestments and paraments that nuns spent years working. They also have a stunning chapel, and an entire hall of relics, many sent to them from Europe during WWII for safe-keeping, and after as a gesture of thanks for aid. Worth a trip, and you'll get to see those wonderful windmills springing up all across Missouri and Kansas.

  10. Oh Patricia, thank you for this wonderful post. Years/Decades ago I learned to needlepoint & Bargello and I enjoyed every moment. With all these new & wonderful resources I think I will give it another shot. I love the entire creative process, which includes my jewelry designing, of course…and needlepoint is watching the process take shape in your own hands. Wonderful.

  11. Hummm….I'm still working on my almost 5-year-old's Christmas stocking. Does Mrs. Blanding's have any solutions for that?

  12. You've rejuvenated my interest in needle point. My grandmother use to do the most gorgeous of needlework and I have loved it ever since. These patterns, especially Anne's and Barbara's are all so lovely. Thank you for passing this site on Patricia.

    Great week to you ~

  13. How inspiring! I'm so glad to know about this site. Do you usually stitch in wool or cotton? I see that some of the kits offer a choice.

  14. So glad you all like it, too. Lina, if you are ready to move on, the Studio has folks who will finish it for you (who would know?) And, anon, I have worked in wool, cotton and silk – it really just depends on how you want the canvas to look. Wool is easier to manage than the other two. I am quite sure someone there would help you work it out. Luck.

  15. Anon, thank you so much for the "sorry" as that really softened the blow; perhaps you read my previous post about "bless her heart." Maybe you're grouchy as I hear this season of Gossip Girl is not quite up to snuff. It's likely you could find your entertainment elsewhere.

  16. Love your blog, love needlepoint. I just started a blog, the second post was about my Victorian needlepoint collection. Please drop by and see. Thanks, Richard.

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