Don’t Look a Gift Show in the Mouth

I attended the gift show in New York last week and I’m going to give you a quick round up. I went to see what was fresh and new on the horizon. The big news is, well, not a lot. That’s not exactly true, there was great, great stuff, but as far as trends (I know we don’t use the “T” word here, but it is reality), it is pretty much the same. Vendors are still showing a lot of color, like these great pieces from Dransfield & Ross, above. (I circled around three times to see this vignette again and again.) Also, as far as soft goods, I hope you are enjoying suzanis and hand-blocked fabrics because you are going to be seeing them a while longer.

There was not much in the avenue of the current craze for all things Belgian (perhaps Restoration Hardware has cornered the market) and there was not nearly as much industrial thrift knock off as I had expected (though it was there.)

I was enchanted by Chelsea Textiles Mid-Century Modern Collection (previous two pictures) which had several pieces with punch in fab finishes including lacquer and, yes, there is still a lot of that, too.

Mr. Adler greeted me with “Pow.” While I sometimes wonder if this happy chic will take on the edge of mania, Adler keeps producing product that delights. These brass tables, in particular, seemed a nice addition to the line and escewed the reserve of the antique finish with a bright and shiny gleam. A brass fretwork table base (implied, but not show; it is under the wood top) would be a great addition to homes both mod or trad.

Along with ethnic prints geometric graphics were still everywhere and Adler is the King of Pop in this catagory; new table linens showed a fresh face to these designs.

Ah, yes, don’t forget the children. A local retailer told me once that there is a theory that when things are tight people will continue to spend on their children even if they are cutting back for themselves. Hmmm…another post for another day. Back on topic, I think Adler’s children’s line debuted in January and it is very, very cool.

little nest had terrific, iconic pieces for the pint-sized. I must say I would have delighted in having my little chicks reading The Pokey Little Puppy in an Egg Chair.
A new Dream House? Perhaps, and this one comes with fewer clipped heartstrings attached. This is brinca dada’s Emerson House composed of glass corners, minimalist cut stone and hardwood floors.

I didn’t play dolls and Barbies always creeped me out with their permanently pointed feet, but this is a doll house that would make a girl leave Little Women behind.

The house and the furniture are sold separately but don’t be surprised to find mommy banging her fist and crying, “I want it all!” especially when she discovers that the fully functional solar panels charge the LED recessed lighting.

And, perhaps I was just missing toddlerhood (unlikely), but this tray with puzzle piece utensils is delightful and seems to solve the problem of Junior waiting for his peas and carrots. Plus, those little red knobs? Grasping those helps with fine motor skills. The puzzle concept? Addresses spacial relationships and eye-hand coordination. All important work for baby. And it just might give Mama time to fix herself a drink.
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10 thoughts on “Don’t Look a Gift Show in the Mouth

  1. Oh Baby! Where do I start. I love the way you write, lady. Im enamoured of everything you wrote about. I have to sheepishly admit that I fast-tracked in my enthusiasm to leave a comment so now ill go back over this post and beyond to see what ive been missing out on. What else can I say but, 'Ill be back!'

  2. Thanks for the tour of the gift show. I'm really liking Mr. Adler's new blue linen series and children's line. It's always fun to get a peek at what's yet to come!

    Happy Weekend, Patricia!

  3. Nice post! Thanks for sharing. Your comment about Barbies creeping you out made me laugh. In yoga class when one is required to both point AND flex your foot at the same time it is usually called the "creepy Barbie foot"! So you apparently aren't the only one creeped out! Karin

  4. Having built a few dollhouses in my day, I am DROOLING over the Emerson house! It will be on my Christmas list this year!

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