20 thoughts on “Favorite Mistake

  1. We should all learn from our mistakes, right.
    Your article is perfect. I love happy accidents (insert purchase) of finding things that somehow prove to answer our desire to get it right.
    I am still hoping for that Antique Road Show item that is found in some yard sale unclaimed, on the "mistake" pile.
    Congrats to you on your first piece for the Chicago Tribune.

  2. Congratulations.

    I enjoyed the piece very much. Loved hearing the stories of purchases made in haste or as happened to Miles Redd, gaining that elusive but highly desirable piece.

    It was an entertaining & well written piece.

    Sandy K

  3. Mrs. B. –
    What a great column! Well done. Lovely prose. Your words sing and the story is true – we have all bought things that didn't work…And have learned to love them, or not!

  4. Great work….I have so much stuff (particularly fabric) that I've loved & bought when I found it for a steal or just plain coveted. My husband has long since given up on the "is this practical" as he knows it's stewing in my head and will be used sometime in the future. I firmly believe you do use it eventually. I'm just slip covering my sofa for the new house with 17.5 yds of Ralph Lauren linen that I bought 8 years ago for $100…goes with my new den scheme perfectly! as do the 7 broadloom wool rugs I've bought over time and just gotten bound. YUM!

  5. Hi Patricia, I needed to hear that the "big" guys find themselves in the same situations that I step into. Your solutions are the best that I have heard. I guess that when the piece doesn't quite fit, it's time turn amp up ones creativity. This is a great article. Congratulations on the "gig"–it is the only word that seems appropriate. Mary

  6. Standing ovation, Mrs. B! Thank you for linking us to your new work, please continue to do so. I showed my husband your first column, he wondered why his wife was under-represented as he saw no mention of how dissatisfaction around here always begins with action, usually cutting down the legs, short waiting period, then cutting OFF the legs, another short waiting period, slight sanding of too shiny places, wait, hard sanding, wait, have thrift store pick up unreturnable piece and take away.

  7. Congratulations again on your wonderful assignment (or their good judgement?) and hope to see many more of your always entertaining and very readable pieces!
    One more thing, Mrs. B. As someone else pointed out, you have built a brand. The name is gold — please use it. Would love to see something along the lines of an "Ask Mrs. Blandings" design column — hint, hint Chicago Tribune.

  8. I enjoyed this piece not only for the content, but also because it's your first piece for the Tribune with many more to follow for sure. Congratulations and wishing you continued success.

  9. It's wonderful Patricia! What a great array of designers you incorporated into the piece. So excited to see your byline over at the Trib.


  10. Amazing article. I've always been an advocate for finding alternative views or perspective on these situations. You've really hit the nail on this one. Especially being a furniture company, we understand the pros and cons of these sort of situations. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Congratulations, Patricia, on this special bi-line!!!! Great article — how wonderful to call on Miles, Suzanne and Jesse.
    Really, so very happy for you!!!

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