Follow the Leader

I had a dear and very knowledgeable friend to dinner just before we left on our trip. As we savored strawberry shortcake he asked, “Have you seen the article on Bunny Mellon in Vanity Fair?” Hadn’t. “You must read it.” He speaks in design declaratives and when he tells me I must, I do. I am just beginning to garden so I thought that was why he had recommended the piece. Then, the second paragraph, “Nothing should be noticed.” From a woman who bought Rothkos by the dozen (thirteen, actually.)

And I felt so lucky to be under his tutelage.
Image, Vanity Fair, August 2010, photograph by Jonathan Becker.
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9 thoughts on “Follow the Leader

  1. Patricia, I would love to see Bunny's Art Collections. Thirteen Rothko's! He is certainly one of my inspirations!

    Art by Karena

  2. Not only was it a treat to read about the very private
    Bunny Mellon~she's in a class beyond compare, as the song goes~but her trompe l'oeil garden room/potting shed was positively staggering. The combination of
    wealth and great taste is rare, but when it happens,
    watch out!

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