Southern Comfort

A logical follow-up to Lussier week is this beach house decorated by Suzanne Rheinstein.

Rheinstein had named Lussier’s apartment as a space that would stand the test of time and these rooms hold up as well.
And, yes, white walls. (Though I’ve done a bit of editing; not all the rooms in this home are white. I can do that. It’s my blog.)

This house is also making me toy with the idea of moving my chintz to upholstery and reminding me how much I like to see at least a little brown furniture.
Images, Suzanne Rheinstein for Courtnay Daniels, Southern Accents, November/December 2002; photography by Tria Giovan.

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14 thoughts on “Southern Comfort

  1. You are scaring me Mrs. B! Surely you are not going to take down those draperies in order to do chintz upholstery.

  2. What a beautiful and peaceful and graceful home! I love the white mixed with chinz, yellow, wood and metalics.
    Thank you for bringing this treasure to us!
    I have been peeking, you have a beautiful blog! A joy to stop by.

  3. I too, have been thinking about chintz cabbage roses on a small sofa. Does anyone else think that maybe the white linen slipcovers are (dare I say it) yesterday? Chintz is just so cozy looking.

  4. NOOOOOOOO….I LOVE your Chintz curtains!!!!

    Re-do your kitchen or a bathroom, instead- your living/dining room /hallway are all divine as is!!!

    -linda, ny

  5. I love these rooms. The candle sconces are fantastic as is the feeling of lightness in these spaces. Glad that you are back,

  6. Suzanne Rheinstein has been a genius in interior decorating since she was born!

    She is the BEST!!!!!! As these photos show!

    She is also: helpful, nice, self-effacing, charming, funny, friendly, pretty, charming (again, I meant to do that)!!

    How lucky we are to have her!

    Thanks Mrs Blandings!!!

    Penelope Bianchi

  7. excellent idea! moving stuff around keeps your eye peeled and interested!

    We have three sets of slipcovers……..for the seasons…..all different pillows everywhere…..and move the pictures around….

    curtains into furniture! Excellent idea!

    Recycling in the best sense!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea!!!!!!!

    Shake it up!

    If you love a fabric; you will love it on the sofa or the curtains……..or heaven knows where next!!!!!!!!!!

    Don't listen to those who tell you not to change if you want to pursue interiors!

    Change is the only constant!


    (42 years as a decorator……still having a ball!)
    (42 years as a decorator)

  8. Suzanne is a consumate hostess and one has a great design philosophy. I mentioned her as inspiration on my own website!

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