Local Landscape

If you are intrigued by ceramics, you don’t have to wait until Forever for an engaging exhibit.

Cary Esser’s Lay of the Land at the Sherry Leedy Gallery (here in town) is another exploration of permanence and change.

In this exhibit Esser, Ceramics Chair at the Kansas City Art Institute, explores the relationship of clay to human history and shelter.

She has created these tiles by pushing clay into molds; the glazes are beautiful, though I haven’t really captured them here. The groupings suggest topography and landscape (and cityscape, too, I think.) While numbered to ease recreation of the installation, I am intrigued by the thought that they could be manipulated by the viewer. It seems an interesting manifestation of the artist’s intent and the viewer’s perception. Also, it’s always fun to build with blocks.
You can see Cary Esser’s Lay of the Land at the Sherry Leedy Gallery of Contemporary Art through October 30th.
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6 thoughts on “Local Landscape

  1. At first I thought they were some sort of mold of lint or cellulite landscape, not that I am an expert on either subject! Eww.

  2. OK, I love these. But I have to say that they make me hungry. They remind me of a really amazing block of Stilton Blue! Where are the crackers. Very fun post.

  3. Thanks Mrs. Blandings! What a treat to start off Cary's birthday with this post on your blog. We're lucky to have you spreading the word about the creative people in Kansas City…I'd like to mention that Cary's colleagues from KCAI Ceramics, George Timock and Paul Donnelly are also in this exhibition.
    – Mo Dickens (Cary's proud husband)_

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