Off the Rack and Bracelets I Did Afford

Hey! Look at this! For the next five minutes, and completely by coincidence, I am in style! Of the moment! Only I’m not just “wearing it now,” I’ve been wearing it for years. “It” being this gold link bracelet, that was originally a necklace, which I wrap twice around my left wrist where it clicks and clinks against itself and my wide watch. Just as Vogue says I’m supposed to. I have a friend who has asked for it nicely while looking up over dark lashes. I’d give her a kidney, but not the bracelet.

Being au courant will be fun while it lasts and frustrating when it turns up “over” by spring.
Maybe then I can get a deal on that Diane von Furstenberg bracelet for H. Stern. Because more is surely more.
Vogue feature, October 2010, by Filipa Fino.
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10 thoughts on “Off the Rack and Bracelets I Did Afford

  1. Simple jewelry is a classic. I doubt yours will ever actually be "over", just not "in" with with 21 years-olds.
    My wrists are extremely tiny and the only bracelets I can wear are necklaces twice around or looped through a watch band, so I think yours is great.

  2. It's a wonderful thing when you realize that you were actually ahead of a trend. Finding what works for you and sticking to it….defines confidence and style!

  3. Sad but funny story — I have a friend with a gorgeous big gold link bracelet that she wears every day. Unfortunately she was recently diagnosed with a serious illness and immediately a "friend" of hers asked to have it to "remember" her by. Needless to say, said friend does not have bracelet!

  4. You have written several times about an attraction to needlepoint. I share that passion. I design for myself and always have a piece in progress. Question: Do you engage in the art or just admire the completed canvas? If you engage, would you ever do a retrospective on your pieces in your blog?

    I can't get my Apple to show the visual verification

  5. You are such a fashion trendsetter! Just the kind who sets trends way way way ahead of the crowd 🙂
    Anonymous #1, I can't believe that story. Sometimes people are so… well, unbelievable. i hope your friend with the illness recovered to flaunt her still-worn bracelet in front of that tacky person.

  6. Classics are always "au courant"–congratulations on your fine taste.
    Was it the King of England who said, my bracelet for a kidney??? HA

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