Style in Spades

“She seems so lovely,” has been the comment I’ve heard again and again since the September issue of Spaces hit newsstands and mailboxes. She is. Spaces’s September issue focuses on fashion and I was over the moon when my editor requested an interview with native Kansas Citian, Kate Spade. You can read it here.

I was delighted, too, to see Spade wearing Ted Muehling’s Queen Anne’s Lace earrings in the accompanying photo. They are very high up on my wish list. I made a stop into Muehling’s shop on my last trip to New York and was not surprised when the woman who helped me confided, “You know, besides being an amazing designer, Ted is so nice.” I’ve enjoyed knowing that as much as I’ve enjoyed the earrings I’ve worn nearly every day since.
Image, top, Spaces, September 2010; photography by Noe Dewitt. Image bottom via Muehling’s site from a piece in Departures, October, 2001; I could not find a photo credit, but happy to add it if you have it.
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24 thoughts on “Style in Spades

  1. I think it is admirable of Kate to want to take a little time and spend that time working on photo albums rather than jumping right on in to the parental coffee hour as one sends their kindergartner off to school.
    Nice article on a nice lady.

  2. She does indeed sound like a lovely, down to earth lady. She's not so well known here in the UK, but I love her style. Thank you for sharing a great interview!

  3. LOVE the earrings. I have a tiny pair of Muehlings that are great in the summer – go with everything. And what a fun assignment – going to read it straight after this!

  4. this is such fun, and wonderful news! a perfect fit (and I think the Queen's Anne's Lace should be in your letter to Santa Claus)

    off to read…

    (p.s. saw the Tribune and thought of you; another perfect fit! happiness abounds)

  5. P- One of the best posts from one of my favorite bloggers! Love it that Kate is so high-style yet so down-to-earth! I'd love to know where she's shops in Kansas City for her beach home. KT

  6. Great interview…I'm a huge fan of Kate Spade, a great deal of it because she's close to her roots. Also because my little girl is the same age and just started kindergarten. I can relate to the feelings she expresses about Bea in this article.

  7. I was in Kansas City for Thanksgiving 1994, and Kate was home visiting her family. Luckily for me, she also did a personal appearance at Hall's that weekend to promote her handbags. I have two treasures from that meeting — a fabulous bag from one of her first collections that she signed for me and the great memory of talking with her about the city we both love. It's nice to hear that she doesn't seem to have changed, despite all the fame she's enjoyed since.

  8. What a treat it must have been to interview her! I've always admired her….and recall the thrill of walking into her Soho store oh those many years ago. She's stayed true to her style and that has served her well!

  9. Great interview! I mentioned and linked to you in our last post on pve and other interior rendering artists. I hope you enjoy the post!

  10. Wonderful article on one of my all-time favorite designers. I have the navy blue bag pictured in the article in red and it still looks great after 3 seaons! Although I do wish she would return to design…I'd be the first in line!

  11. Great article! You are a wonderful interviewer and writer! Loved reading about Kate Spade and how she put it all together with her husband and how she has stayed true to herself after it all! Thank you!

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