White Lightning

Geez, Louise, but it is hot and sticky here in Kansas City. I’m a warm weather fan, but this Indian Summer is wearing out its welcome.

I aimed to beat the heat inside but my quest for white wall inspiration led to Melissa Rufty and I ended up hot under the collar.

I think I’ve shied away from white walls in the past because I have such an itch to color outside the lines, but Rufty’s rooms show that white can be just right. These spaces are anything but vanilla.

It helps, of course, that her furniture choices are so distinct; mine are not nearly so fine though what they lack in pedigree they do make up for in chutzpah.

Everything looks so crisp. Everything looks so clean.

Even when the upholstery is not as exuberant the look still goes, “pow!” Who needs colored walls? White is the answer!

Or turquoise. Oh, my.
I had a vision of Rufty’s work that I spied on Style Court, here. All images courtesy of Melissa Rufty at MMR Interiors. She does tons more than white walls, in fact, she’s in House Beautiful this month – check it out.
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21 thoughts on “White Lightning

  1. Me too. I've always been determined to avoid boring white walls but I'm being won over and now think that it makes older/antique/vintage furniture spark and look modern. I suppose you could have white in the main areas of your home and make sure that all of the bedrooms have coloured walls.

  2. I do like white walls but maybe not where the weather can get cold. My sister's house in Morocco has only white walls throughout and it's great. there. Even in the south of France I ended up painting over all the white walls except the LR ( white pique curtains there and a lot of color on the rug and 2 chairs, white sofa) but the DR went deep yellow green, the mstr BR deep apricot, and other bedrooms celadon and blush grayish pink. As you say, it takes a lot of discipline and self assurance to stay all white.
    Great post as ALWAYS.

  3. In my first two homes I had all white walls (except for wallpapered bathrooms) and loved it. In my 40's I was tired of always carrying around paint chips and living with paint envy so I got color out of my system. I painted my Dining Room a brownish red, my Entry and Hallway a mossy green but my Living Room has always remained white. I still love it. The rest of the colors, well now in my mid 50's they have been repainted a muddy putty. Now when I timidly suggest White to some of my clients I shall perhaps not so calmly, whip out pictures of these wonderful rooms!

  4. I like the white walls in your posted photos, but that is because of the furniture, upholstery fabric, accessories, paintings and the curtains.
    All showing great color! So often white walled rooms are bland with too much beige bland straight lined furniture . This room is rich with color. Very chic.

  5. The gorgeous funishings, art, and color make her rooms a standout. Love the unique detaling of much of the furniture design.

    Art by Karena

  6. When we bought this house I painted every room white. There is a three generation depository thing going on here and I thought the white would let everyone make nice with each other. As I have gotten older, I am turning from white and want more color and texture. Now I have a black room, a dark green room, a gold room and soon will have a red dining room and a living room covered in a wheat/brown herringbone grass cloth. I'm just saying, life changes a person. Personally I think your new office should be this glorious turquoise. Rosie would look beautiful there, too.

    ps For Indian Summer to be a true Indian Summer, it has to be the refrain after a frost. And hell's bells when will that happen?

  7. Enjoyed your post……the white walls in these beautifully designed rooms, with lots of color on the textiles, accessories, etc.; are refreshing.

  8. I agree, those furniture with lights looks elegant and refined. It also emphasize your precious artwork displays in your wall.

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