A Boo-tiful Evening

Moving is truly horrible. I thought I was wonderfully prepared, totally organized and amazingly together. This is what all people must think before they load the fifth “last trip” of junk in their cars thinking, “Why do I even have this stuff?”

But we are in the “in-between house,” a gift from the universe (and good friends),and we can begin to think of life outside of boxes and movers and fast food.

Lucky for us Crestwood Shops is hosting a wonderful evening Friday night. The shops will all be open late offering wine-tastings and merriment. There is a newly arrived shipment at Pear Tree, always a don’t miss.

Seems time for a new party dress, no? This lovely available at Hudson & Jane.

And George has done some fall freshening of his own.

In a holiday state of mind, incredibly creative jack-o-lanterns by students from the Kansas City Art Institute will be displayed in each shop and both Europa Cafe and Aixois will have special menus for the night.

Honestly, this is my kind of Halloween. Not scary. No costumes. With wine.
Crestwood Shops
55th and Brookside Boulevard
Images, top three, Pear Tree, next, Hudson & Jane, last three, George.
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14 thoughts on “A Boo-tiful Evening

  1. Mine kind of Halloween too!! Love the party dress. My thoughts are with you – sending you karmic strength for your move!

  2. I'm new to KC and so glad to have found your blog. I had same feelings about my move. You never realize how much stuff you have until you have to cram it into a truck!

  3. Nothing like a little night out to look forward too.
    Enjoy yourself. You deserve it after the move.
    A glass of wine is in order and I hope a little treat for you too.

  4. Glad that the six of you will have a roof over your heads and that the move is wrapping up–party on!! I will take everything in the first photo. The bergere and and the sconces are going home first. Have a very scary Halloween (but nothing going bump in the night)

  5. I can't tell you how I am looking forward to your thoughts, posts and Pictures of your new house. So fun to think about all the possibilities. One of the things I loved most about moving was when people would say, "Is that new?" b/c they were seeing my things in a new space. Enjoy it (if you can)! M.

  6. If you ever deserved a little present for yourself now's certainly the time.

    Maybe a little something for Rosie too? It can be a bit disorienting for them.

  7. Wine and great shopping!!! Sounds like heaven. I'm still in the candy laden frenzy that comes with little boys. But one of these days, I look forward to what lies on the other side.

    Happy Halloween!
    ~ Elizabeth

  8. My kind of Halloween, too. Have fun and congrats… it sounds like you are almost there. All the best wishes in your "universe-loves" digs. What a darling dress… go for it!! ; )

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