Hunt and Gather

If Mary McDonald’s Murano ashtrays as bead storage struck your fancy you can find an instant collection here in town at Retro Inferno.

I left them all for you as I do not need one more thing to pack.

Or two or four.

Though I was mighty tempted.

Image, top, from Mary McDonald: Interiors, courtesy of Rizzoli New York. Photography by Melanie Acevedo. For more, great, coverage on McDonald’s new book, check Style Court here.
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6 thoughts on “Hunt and Gather

  1. Right back at you 🙂 Appreciate the shout out, as always.

    And I think we all feel as if we're packing things up, anticipating a new chapter, right along with the Blandings.

  2. David – you are making such great progress – sooner than you think, I bet.

    Court – You might be better off on that side of the screen for the next couple of weeks. Seems I am a little bit grouchy in real life.

  3. These are so gorgeous! I feel your pain – moving is definitely no small effort. After completing a move last year and vowing to never do it again, I'm consciously trying to avert purchasing things for the new home, even though the space is far more vast than before, and instead, focus on making use of everything that I already have. Celebrating the beauty of everything, no matter how humble. Still, my eye wanders…

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