Posting Pink

White walls, bright walls. Rugs over sisal? Yes! Rugs over sisal? Horrors, no!
Curtains. Drapes.
Less is more. More is more.
We are bombarded with conflicting advice. Excellent and entirely different recommendations can come from two beloved sources. I am haunted by Van Day Truex’s pronouncement that kitchens must always be white, which if white is right and not is wrong, deems me forever wrong.
In the past year there has been a lot of conflicting research on how best to detect and treat breast cancer. Self-exam, mammogram, surgery, chemo. And the thought of it all is so scary. No supposition for most of us, but often a very near reality. Anxiety can lead to immobility.
Talk to your doctor. Find the best path for you. It’s a little bit like painting the test swatch on the wall – everyone can agree on this. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Talk to your doctor about the best course of action for you. More information is available at the National Cancer Institute and the Susan G. Komen Foundation.
All images are from the beautiful new book, Mary McDonald: Interiors, courtesy of Rizzoli New York. Photography credits are as follows from top: Melanie Acevedo, Miguel Flores-Vianna, Acevedo, Flores-Vianna, Dominique Vorillion.
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28 thoughts on “Posting Pink

  1. Well done, Mrs. Blandings,
    So many questions, indeed. This past year a friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. She told me it was found via a mammogram and she has a good prognosis.

  2. A cause of support. I commented on Eddie's blog that my sister-in-law's (brother's wife) sister is a geneticist who has been doing research on finding a cure of breast cancer. I am in awe of her talents and intellect!

  3. I am in LOVE with the sitting area picture above, with brown, pink, and teal. omgosh… I could sit in that room for hours on end!

  4. Mammograms are necessary, but they do NOT detect all tumors. You must do self exams. My mammogram came back negative, but I detected a lump. I went back for an ultrasound that detected the tumor.

    Five radiologists at MD Anderson, went back and looked at my mammogram, and subsequently (2 weeks later) the markers placed in my tumor. All said the tumor could not be detected on the mammogram.

    No reason to fear an early cancer diagnosis. Fear inaction. In my case, cancer showed me the best in people. Two women at the meat deli of my grocery store told me they had prayed daily for me. I don't even know their names, but we have a special bond. Then one of their moms was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she told me I was her inspiration because I always had a smile on my face.

    Fear inaction….

  5. Bless you. I've always said I'd rather have a "no significant abnormality" read from my yearly mammogram than win the lottery annually. [And, Yes! to worn orientals on top of seagrass, we have that going on in all our rooms here at home.]

  6. Brilliant and beautifully rendered.
    Thanks for this Blandings.
    Cheers, Alcira

  7. Thanks so much for the invitation, P – so important to keep this topic right up front. I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  8. First mammogram this year. No big deal really, although I did have to go back for a "clarification" reshoot, and then an ultrasound just for good measure. Just good to get the baseline out of the way. The new Center for Women's Health has valet parking and white bath robes. I think they are going for a spa-like experience. Not quite, but I appreciate the effort.

  9. I love the homage of pink.
    I also referred a little in my post this morning to October, National Breast Cancer month.
    Love the pink background on the blog too!
    knowledge is power!

  10. As I have said before if breast cancer attacked men at the same rate as women, this disease would have been cured a long time ago. Nice to see you in the pink for a most important cause.

  11. A great cause and a great blog post! Thanks for the important reminder Patricia! I am posting pink!

    Now I am off to see the other pink posts. 🙂

  12. Great post Mrs. B, get your PINK on! Thanks for including La Plates in your list of PINK – an honor to be among that list of fab bloggers.

  13. What a beautiful post and the photos are incrediable. I did my post a few days ago

    because a number of my friends under the age of 43 were diagnosed with breast cancer and a number of my friends lost their moms under the age of 63. It makes me very sad and this is something I'm so passionate about so thank you so much for an incrediably beautiful post. Love your images. Bravo.


  14. Thankyou for such a lovely pink post. I'm also posting about October everyday something "new" about the month. I hadn't thought about the breast cancer campaign so I'll be adding a post about that. I'm so glad I found your blog via absolutely beautiful things!

  15. Thank you for spear-heading this effort among bloggers. You are an inspiration to those of us with our heads in the sand. I rue the day that I lost a dear friend to breast cancer, a vicious and horrible way to die, and a loss I shall never recover from. Reggie

  16. In your post, you juxtapose curtains and drapes.

    It drives me nuts when I see the word drapes used incorrectly. One drapes a window and thus become draperies, NOT drapes. Draperies is a term that came into vogue in the 1950s and has been referred to incorrectly since as drapes.

    Forgive my rant, it's just a pet peeve of mine.


  17. I am 11 years out of my surgery and radiation for an 0.8 mm breast tumor. But I live in fear of recurrence. I took estrogen replacement therapy for 30 years. That estrogen kept me same. Life without it has been much more difficult. But life is life and I am grateful that my recovery was uneventful and I have a rich full life.

    I found my own tumor because I was doing self exam not mammograms. Let me add my voice to your Mrs. Blandings – get that exam. Lucky me. Ann

  18. The green china is gorgeous and very chic! Would you mind sharing the pattern with us? (Apologize if someone has already asked this!)

  19. hello,
    now I'm still living in my parents' house, but someday I want to make a new home and live with my wife. I really love it when I found this blog, because I dream of having a nice house interior design. this blog makes me inspired. Thank you very much

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