Blank Slate

Living Room

I am a big believer in the jinx. Absolutely a knocker of wood, a thrower of salt and I’d be a over-the-shoulder spitter, too, if I thought I’d miss my jacket.

Dining Room
Let’s just say that, in theory, this is where I could be living mid-December.

If it isn’t hit by a meteor, lightening or an earthquake. Which could happen. Well, it could. I plan for the worst and hope for the best.

Family Room
I like the dark floors. I like the white walls. The light fixtures and fans? Not so much, which has the boys up in arms and they are lobbying heavily to keep their ceiling fans, “No one will see them but us!” Silly, young, naive things that they are, they think they have a chance. They do not.

Sun Porch (which will be my office)
I’m pushing furniture around in my head, of course, but sometimes I realize I’ve used the same chest twice or factored in tables that are mine only in fantasy.

Master Bedroom
Mr. Blandings has asked more than once, “Where will the Christmas tree go?” but that is too real, less dollhouse playing, so I just keep responding with, “Hmm…we’ll see.”

Master Bath
When we packed for the “in-between house” I told the boys to pack like they were going on a two-week vacation. Given these parameters Mr. Blandings stood, puzzled, looking at the stuff I was taking. “What’s all this?” “A dark dress in case there’s a funeral. A cocktail dress in case there’s a party. Three pairs of cowboy boots. Essentials.” He didn’t bother to ask about the file boxes of tear sheets.
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48 thoughts on “Blank Slate

  1. I-am-so-exited-for-your-family. I am a wood knocker, too, but in this case I have every confidence.
    🙂 Very best wishes.

  2. lovely. just lovely. looks like you. and the white walls can be just the canvas you need to make another lovely home. I do see what you mean about the light fixtures, tho.

  3. So excited for you! It looks like a lovely place – I also love the dark floors and the sun porch as your office will be fabulous. Chuckled at your use of tables that are yours only in fantasy- my kind of girl!

  4. Lucky Mrs. B. I think every deep-down decorator craves a blank slate and yours is such a beautiful slate. Can't wait to follow your progress and see what you do with it.

  5. I really like this house. It has so much potential and so many decorating options would work. Photos of the outside? I love the fact that the bathrooms have not been updated; so they can become unique. And the kitchen is great, not too big and not too small. I am excited for you.

  6. The house looks beautiful. It's very much a blank slate. Personally, I'd wait on the lights and fans till after you're in…they're easily done by an electrician but if you're going to paint or the floors could use a new coat well that is so much easier now. You'll figure the furniture out and then try the more flexible pieces in 20 different locations just like the rest of us. What I've been surprised about is how long our "unpacking" has taken. The bulk of it gets done but then the re-organizing of the rest of things to a new house seems to take forever. Best of luck and enjoy the holidays in your new home.

  7. I must admit I am on the side of your children when it comes to the ceiling fans in their own rooms… if it is just for design… I say they get to keep the fans, if it is for safety (because you think they will throw stuff into them)then no…
    As a designer, doing childrens rooms I have always thought they should have the room of their dreams not mommys dreams…after the age of 6…
    that said, I must say the pictures of your new home are amazing, I will be very interested in how they look after the space planning and decorating…
    Regards, Carol Ann

  8. Patricia, the house looks wonderful! I love the dark floors and the kitchen! I think though your office is the best, and all the windows are perfect. Fingers are crossed for smooth sailing.

  9. I for one love a blank slate and don't dismiss the ceiling fans just yet, teenage boys rooms can use a little circulation. Tear sheets too, need constant circulation of a different sort. I love the idea that you are always prepared with an idea for a blank slate to take shape.
    Show us the outside….I love surprises!

  10. ExcIting. Blank spaces…Decisions…"perchance to dream".

    To me, some of these rooms, As in window placement, resemble your recent post on Enduring Styles-IMHO. Though not an apartment as Todd Romano's, the spaces seem similar. So many possibilities.

    Let us all hope it will all come to fruition!

  11. What a lovely home! I would SO welcome that spacious sunroom for an office. I can tell that you are going to have a wonderful time making this house a home for your family.

  12. Wishing you a white Christmas! So glad you've found a new place to land and make your own. Good bones, great dreams, all the best. Do think Rosie will be golden in that sunroom office of hers.

  13. I am certainly wishing you guys the best. It looks like an amazing space. I know it will bring great memories

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  14. I have no doubt but what you and your family will do just fine but, little Rosie…how is she handling changes to her routine? I see several rooms where she can slide on the rugs accordion style. Will there be a postman for her?

  15. What a fabulous place! So many possibilities – keep it white, paint it, it'll be magnificent no matter what. Dark floors…love those, too. So, keep us all posted…is it close to your previous home? Oh how I miss Kansas City…so many amazing homes…

  16. I will begin The Prayer For The Certain And Uneventful Closing if you will begin chilling the champagne 'cause this thing's gonna happen, and I don't know anyone more deserving than the Blandings Family, amen.

  17. What a fabulous house! As the mother of two grown boys, I will join in with the other comments that favor keeping the fans in their rooms. Hopefully for you, they don't read your blog comments :). Best wishes, and keep us posted!

  18. Thank you all for your well wishes. I am keeping the ceiling fans in mind. A little bit.

    Rosie is doing better. She's put on some weight and has settled in to the in-between house. Unfortunately, she has torn her ACL (I know, right?) so we are keeping a close eye on her. I am a little worried about the stress of moving again. She's a bit sensitive. Like her mistress.

    And, yes, the new house is about five or six blocks west of the old one.

    Kerry – oddly, both,

  19. I'm on the edge of my chair with excitement! (How can this be since I don't even know you. My husband thinks I'm crazy! "Mrs. Blandings has found a house!" "Who?? What??")

  20. Lovely. And what a fun "to-do" – to watch what YOU do to it. We would love to see the exterior, don't ya know????

  21. My husband makes fun of me for knocking wood…but well, it can't hurt. I think it's a lovely house. I love the dark floors. Ceiling fans can be removed. Great office too! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you all.


  22. Is that an actual slate floor in the sunroom? I have a sun hall, I suppose we could call it, floored in a slate that looks similar. It has given me more joy in the past 20 years than any other inanimate substance in the house.

  23. This looks all extremely promising. What about the fixtures? I like the one in the kitchen, a touch h of industrial.
    And the lantern is quite the thing right now….
    Love all your own comments!
    Good luck!

  24. My husband and I have moved 15 times in about 30 years. I always know when the house is right when I instantly know where to place the Christmas tree. After 4 years in this house I still haven't figured it out. Our last house sold so fast we were homeless and my wonderful husband couldn't stand it. He did a gorgeous kitchen remodel here that I would hate to leave.

  25. OK…this is my will always be at the right place at the right all your things will fit in perfectly..and e-mail me if you run into trouble. Sometimes when doing your own house it can be hard because you are too close to it..but I know you can do it…e-mail me if you can't cause everything little ting gonna be and I can help! alright..xx…

  26. Fingers crossed!! I love the dark floors and the kitchen is great. And, the sun porch office… sans ceiling fan or with a more simple paddle version. The living room could be really jazzy! Throwing salt ; )

  27. It's wonderful!! You'll never want to leave that office…and the kitchen is beautiful. I can totally see the Connecticut country farmhouse thing happening there…early congratulations to your whole family!
    Here's to zero natural disasters and no fans!
    xo J~

  28. Are the ceilings 8 feet. They appear very low in the photos. The house reminds me of your old one minus the colors. You will definitely love your sunroom/office.

  29. Beautiful house! Needs paint — all the white makes my eyes bleed.
    And ceiling fans in boys' bedrooms? I say leave them — they make great moving targets for dirty gym socks.

    Good luck; pretend the unpacking means it's Christmas and Santa has sent WAY more boxes than usual.


  30. let the boys have the ceiling fans in their rooms-
    paint them to match the ceiling and no one will pay any attention to them

    john in nc still anonymous

  31. I have an important question. Are we renting this house? Or did we buy this house; as an interim house?

    this matters. I only approve of ceiling fans that do not have lights in them. And then; only if painted the color of the ceiling; and only if there is no air conditioning and it gets really hot there……….

    If it is a rental; It is all just fine the way it is……..Put your pretty stuff in there…….it will be great!


  32. Question — Sun Porch room …
    why did you not run windows from ceiling to floor, and/or install a transom window?

    1. I did not do the initial construction and wasn’t in a spot to modify it when we bought the house. That would have been lovely.

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