Connecticut Country House Look

I’ve deemed this the Connecticut Country House Look (even though none of these houses are in Connecticut.)
This look seeped under my skin watching Christmas in Connecticut, Holiday Inn, Bringing Up Baby and Philadelphia Story. Again and again.
Mostly white walls. A fair amount of floor showing. Some chintz. A lot of leg.
I’ve been known to show a lot of leg myself.
A mix of painted and brown wood with a little bit of sparkle. Not too much. Too much sparkle kills the WASP. Not that I am one, but I have quite a few buzzing around me.
That’s sort of what I’m thinking.
Images from top, Ruby Ross Wood from Regency Redux, a French mill from House and Garden Complete Guide to Interior Decoration, 6th edition, 1960; Veranda, September 2010, design by Melanie Turner; photography by Erica George Dines; final two, House Beautiful, design by Marshall Watson; photography by Nathan Schroder.
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22 thoughts on “Connecticut Country House Look

  1. The word patrician comes to mind, as in not showing the bottom of one's purse. I think you are so right: sparkle is a city thing.

  2. I sense you might be telling us something! of course you are-but you know what I mean. the floors, the white walls, the chintz, the leg.

  3. Doesn't the Connecticut Country House look have it's roots in English country?

    I've watched those movies too many times as well!

    And although Linderhof isn't, I do especially love that look!

  4. Wish my CT country house looked like one of these – especially love the coziness of the Marshall Watson room. And of course you mentioned some of my favorite movies – I always romanticized the decor. My dream house for years (and maybe still) was the one in Philadelphia Story.

  5. I used to love this look; now I feel claustrophobic and very constrained by the intended perfection and understatement. I guess it is because I was raised to treasure these wasp values over everything else and now I need a big dose of Tony Duquette in my life. (Oh, horrors!!)

  6. I love photo #2. Where did you find it? Having grown up in CT, image 2 does remind me of a house you would see in New Canaan. And, photo #1 could be many CT houses, but from an earlier time. I like the idea of a little sparkle… but not much ; )

  7. Eddie – I can't wait to see it!

    Martha – yes, definitely, but this feels a little different to me. Airier?

    Mary – that what keeps the whole thing fun. This is so fresh for me; it feel freeing, while Duquette feels claustrophobic. But I'd love to drop in to look at the gilt and the malachite any day of the week.

    Pages – It's from an old HG book – I don't have it with me, but I think it is a French mill. Furthering the appeal.

  8. Great list of movies 🙂 Good luck on the 'blank slate' – hope it works out and soon we can be getting daily updates on progress towards the country club look!

  9. Patricia —

    Now whenever someone mentions Barbara Stanwyck I think of you. Looking forward to seeing how the white walls play out.

  10. I vote Tony Duquette and Madeline Castaing over wasp values any day. I'm betting that Miss Rosie is not a wasp! Hope you have quite a wonderful time making this new place your new home.

    ps Regarding your musings about home with great bones, your vacant home is a wonderful example. Swept clean of your fingerprint, it was just a house. I'm betting this new home will be even better.

  11. Christmas in Connecticut, Holiday Inn, and Father of the Bride were our muses when building the first house and decorating the present one. Definitely more gleam than sparkle, I think! Have fun!

  12. the best movies & such sweet rooms. think there must be connecticut guardian angels hovering over the next episode of house o' blandings…can't wait. (don't touch that dial!)

  13. Love the "Connecticut" look! Good call! looks wonderful and warm……no showy…..just elegant. Feels like home! I can smell the logs burning!

    However…..don't get the comment about Tony Duquette being "claustrophobic!"

    Nothing "claustrophobic" about "Tony Duquette" EVER!

    A friend, (lucky for me) for many years……no walls; no limits, even the sky or the heavens were not limits! !!!

    This was a man truly without "limits" Way beyond "malachite"!

    "Claustrophobic" incorrect word!!!

    Love the "Connecticut look" Can't wait to see the new house…….!

    We are all perched on the edge of our seats!


  14. you are so humorous, in a way that I only sometimes get. But I do want to get it more. Haven't been here in a while, hope the moving is going ok.

  15. I'm thrilled to read that other people love the same old movies that I've seen a million times! I also feel I've been influenced by the decor, but admit that gazing at the gorgeous Cary Grant may have distracted me a bit. I'm looking forward to my annual viewing of "Christmas in Connecticut" since I love the guy as well as that farmhouse. And I wish I had an Uncle Felix who cooked for me!

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