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I had a wonderful lunch yesterday at Webster House and noticed these terrific Deco pieces near the back of the store. That blonde wood is yummy and the prices were great. The T-table is actually one of a pair.

Also, look who popped up in Joanna Votilla’s window – Chiavari. Also a pair.

Wait, what? OK. The image is awful.
Here’s an image of another pair on 1st dibs. Joanna’s are a lot less ching. Ring her up at 816-753-7606.
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5 thoughts on “Out and About

  1. I was at Webster House yesterday for lunch as well (was in KC for my mom's 90th birthday). I had never had the opportunity to poke around all the rooms — what a treat!

  2. Love the chairs! The rental versions are not so elongated and elegant!

    the t-table……does the top go down? was there a radio in there once upon a time?

    YIKES!!! I think I saw one in the fifties! a bit scary!


  3. I love those chairs–I think that brass is coming back. I can't wait to see more of this type of "bling". Those sexy legs are great.

  4. There's a pair of these featured in the December Elle Decor! In the entry of Kiane von Mueffing's apartment! They are seen on page 22.

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