Things are looking up as my Del Toro shoes have arrived. I was hoping they would be able to get out and about in all their velvety goodness. Especially as my boots could use a rest. Especially as I could use a rest talking about my boots. Shut up.

They are, really, beautifully made, I just wish I had some Go To Hell socks or pants to wear with them. Don’t miss that little piece of red grosgrain ribbon at the heel. Onward.
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29 thoughts on “Ole

  1. You had me there, for about 15 seconds. "Wait a minute," I thought, "is she intentionally channeling Maxminimus?" And then I realized, of course she is, she's paying tribute to one of the funniest bloggers out there! What fun, what envy-inspiring slippers, and what a fun post. Shut up!

  2. These not only look very elegant they look very comfy.

    I have posted a giveaway on my blog – a gift card sponsored by CSN Stores. Please do come over and enter!

  3. I just ordered these after stopping someone in Los Angeles to inquire "where did you get those fun shoes!" Can't wait for mine to arrive!

  4. Are you posting from Richmond, VA today. Super fun post and I do love the slippers and the monograms. I want some, but of course, Jones would then proceed to share them with me (ie., chew them up). How is the packing going?

  5. I love that I've actually met Maxminimus in the flesh and feel oddly connected to you all and your glorious shoe posts and Shut Up references. Fabulous!

  6. Love a monogram – and yours looks haute! Just opened the holiday LONNY and loved seeing you and your favorite things.

    That has to make for a merry weekend. All my best,

  7. A HOOT! Next time they gather in NYC for dinner, they darn well better put YOU at that table, too. Been laughing at your Maxminimus take off all day long.

  8. Gawd, I am sooo jello over those!!!
    I've wanted some for so long. I really need to bite the bullet. Wear them in good health!

  9. You shut up.

    Mine should be here in another month or so if those boys can keep their act together. Butcept mine will be in brown suede. Leastways that's what I ordered.

  10. I had to do the same MaxDoubleTake as everyone else. Perhaps we should have an enormous slipper meetup somewhere, some springtime.

  11. Was searching for info about McClelland Barclay and I landed here, on your slipper post which was eerily familiar in a Holli/Maxi kind of way…onward…unless you do have information about said MB?

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