16 thoughts on “Rainbow Room

  1. I knew this would come up. The white walls are definitely staying in the main rooms. But. But the little rooms off the main rooms? The powder room, Mr. B's den, the walls might have some color there. Don't worry, no sudden movements will be made. We are focusing on clearing out boxes for the holiday before anything at all can be started. We just bought our first presents Saturday night.

    Also, the chair fetish? I am well-chaired with three in the basement, but I could use a flat surface or two. This girl needs to buy some tables.

  2. Lots of excitement at The Blanding's new home.

    When I saw that Image I actually though of a Dash & Albert Rug as I know you love them.

    Joyeaux Noel!

    Art by Karena

  3. my favorite study in college, the josef albers stripe.
    knowing you, you will probably free hand paint some sort of fun stripe inside the bread box or closet.
    paul smith is my hero.

  4. I think they would be fantastic in a child's room(which makes sense, if you were surrounded by kids when you thought of this) were you making gingerbread houses?

    I will say – I'd settle for the flip camera with his stripes! Then you can pull them out and look at them anytime you want. They also make really great videos! M.

  5. Oh let Mr. White Walls get over it. It's no competition if this were to appear in a smaller, less prestigious space. I for one love the idea.

  6. omg YES yes YES! Can you imagine a michael smith powder room? I think it would be a fun painting project -just get tons of little sample paint pots. Do a stripe a day, seriously! I've been wanting a paul smith rug for SO long now….emergencies keep upsetting my paul smith fund 🙁

  7. Happy hunting. I am well acquainted with the chair fetish dilemma. And pattern does make a small room seem larger, but I would definitely hold off on the Paul Smith wall paper for a while. Congratulations–you made it. Merry Christmas.

  8. I've been in love with this for a while, but to have it in an entire room, I'd need to be on medication.
    Might be neat glued onto a 5'x 6' pre-stretched canvas against a white wall, though. And fabulous in a powder room.

  9. I think I adore white walls but I look around my house and do not see a single one! However, don't let stripes seduce you until after the holidays when you are in a clear frame of mind. All the season's jollification can make one tipsy.
    Antelope samples are on their way to me from Karastan. 🙂 Thank you!

  10. I can see the striped wallpaper as background for big colorfield paintings in a room meant to be cheerful, like a Breakfast Room. NYC Designer Thomas Jayne once had a Living Room painted with stripes of pink, green, black, etc., and it was a very stylish background for art.

  11. I agree, the powder room deserves to be a stand out! Gotta give your eyes some relief from all the white! (wink!)

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