Come on Over

Isn’t this the happiest little neighborhood? Cheery and bright, welcoming as the car lights swing into the drive.

Antithesis to homeowner-association-dictated beige.

The sort of spot where you would offer your divided hosta and peonies,

and she would invite you in when you come hunting for sugar or egg.
Marigolds wrapping paper from Paper Source, which I am using to line envelopes, but could be a number of any wonderful things, here.
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12 thoughts on “Come on Over

  1. Your wrapping paper reminds me that Spring will come (please!) and that it's time to find the garden catalogs and books. It would make great wallpaper and a lovely surprise of a color scheme for just inside the door of a Taupeville home. Surely a pink or blue front door would mysteriously appear a few days later, bringing much needed cheer to The Land of Taupe.

  2. Delightful paper! I have never even thought about lining enevelopes with paper….how wonderful to be on the receiving end.

  3. I can think of any number of things that would be terrific in this pattern, but more interestingly you line your own envelopes? Amazing!

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