Everything’s Coming Up

Just when I thought my heart belonged to Cowtan and Tout, I dropped in hunting for archival designs at Pierre Frey (which I never found; I’m terrible with directions) and stumbled upon this. Perhaps the most wonderful cotton floral ever. (Though Mr. Blandings just reminded me that I am prone to exaggeration; I did think the guy said eight inches of snow on Wednesday.)

Or I thought it was the most wonderful cotton floral ever, until I saw its cousin, whose blushing enchanted me.
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9 thoughts on “Everything’s Coming Up

  1. Oh Mrs. B, I think you are having a girly moment here. Which room in the testosterone filled dream house will get this beautiful blushing fabric? We are all waiting for pictures you know.

  2. There is nothing like an English rose to set your heart a flutter. The blushing fabric reminds me of David Austin's Evelyn which is the most wonderful shade of peach with a green eye and has the fragrance of peaches. Oh please, don't get me started.

  3. Hmmm I think the first is my favoite!! Yes. what room are you thinking…..Pierre Frey fabrics are so fabulous!


    Art by Karena

  4. I was planning on settling with C&F's Bowood, but having missed the eBay auction closing anyway, I think you have turned me on to a new love!

  5. When I was an intern, working for the grand dame of Interior Design in our area, she used, almost exclusively, Cowtan and Tout. I would love to dally around their showroom in the D&D, dreaming of big, paneled library rooms in the UK, the fabric sunfaded and frayed, me lounging on a chaise reading with a pack of hunting dogs at my feet. I still love the juxtaposition of floral and masculine. These gorgeous roses remind me of my beloved Fair Bianca David Austen rose…..ah flowers..wish I was in that library right now surround by gardening books.

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