Forward, March!

Yesterday, just as the snow madness was about to overtake me, the eldest yelled, “Mom, the mail is here.”
In my girlhood I’d read Laura Ingalls Wilder’s series, one book after another, and I wondered anew about having a blizzard come on without two days of weatherman hype. Hard to imagine, as my youngest played Wii, that there was a time when I would have tied a rope to his waist to make sure he would not get lost in a snow drift on the way to the restroom. Still, Ms. Wilder’s fate seemed to pale in comparison to the suffering I have endured here on the Kansas plains as my mailman seems to take issue with delivering anything larger than a letter size envelope.
But yesterday, the March issue of AD arrived. Am I going to spill forth image after image, spoiling your first look at the silvery grain of the pickled cypress paneling in the Richard Keith Langham project? Nope. Deny you the pleasure of re-Klineing with Michael Smith? I won’t. How about just a peek at a Paris home a la Grange? No way. But if you have to walk into town through two feet of snow because you can’t get your horse out of the barn? I think it’s worth it.
Image, Architectural Digest, March, 2011, design by Michael Smith; photography by Pieter Estersohn.
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21 thoughts on “Forward, March!

  1. My "voiture" has been in the drive at the top of one sheet if ice and even getting down to the mail box has been one comical adventure. If only my AD arrived, alas, not yet. Mail can certainly provide inspiration.

  2. I read all of the "Little House" books also–had forgotten about the rope around waist to go to the out-house. I think that I'll stay in the 20th century. Stay warm and not lost in the blizzard.

  3. Glad to hear you are enjoying something in this blizzard too! We could make our own magazine this month called "Winter Digest" – an aperitif for spring! The issue would show our three-feet-high walls of snow and the crisp, precise, snow-blower wide corridors leading from front door to side walk or back door to driveway! Pushing a snow blower through these drifts has been quite fun. You can be quite artistic and the camaraderie after a major storm is quite pleasant too! I love how some people just can't stop snowblowin' and add a little path from the sidewalk to the street just for the pure pleasure of those walls!

  4. I cannot imagine what you're going through. We've had our tiny bit of Southern snow this winter (a lot for us), but nothing like the rest of the country is experiencing. I need to grab a copy of the March AD. I actually just did a post about some ADs from the 80's and the timeless interiors within.

    Stay warm!

  5. Why did you get yours and I didn't get mine? Does it take an extra day or two to make it from KC to Denver? I guess if that's the way it is, California folks will see theirs Saturday.

    The new cover design looks interesting. More like a commercial design style but also somewhat reminiscent of House & Garden when it went by HG. I like it.

  6. Thanks for the sneak peak! I'm hoping that, since it's Spring, this is an all Margaret Russell issue with no leftovers. God, what I would have given for it to have arrived yesterday so after shoveling, chopping ice, and whining about sore shoulders I could have plopped myself down on the couch for a time out. At least Boston and Kansas are happy this morning that they're not Chicago, I guess!

  7. You are soooo funny,Mrs. Blandings! It is going to be 75 here in S. CA, (no rubbing-in) Stay warm! xx

  8. Topaz – I was fortunate enough to snag an advance copy, though I think they will be out shortly. This is actually not the cover, but that, what, sort of lead page before the layouts begin.

    You won't be disappointed.

  9. I too read the Laura Ingalls Wilder series as a young girl. I reread them with our daughter years later.
    I too thought of Laura and pioneer days while the Iowa/midwest blizzard raged. Then I enjoyed my hot chocolate, Ugg slippers, and a good magazine while nested in my favorite chair.

  10. Yowzer!!!! God bless the United States of Margaret Russell!!! Fresh air blowing through AD at last. And I failed to subscribe in time to have this great surprise in my own mail box. I assume you saw the great interview in the New York Times on Thursday, also?

  11. Patricia,

    You have me intrigued, sometimes you just have to hold a great shelter magazine in your hands!

    Art by Karena

  12. I think dear Laura would have insisted on being Mrs. Wilder.

    When you get really antsy about the snow, reread "The Long Winter." Oh my, oh my. Grinding wheat in the coffee mill. Almanzo and Cap saving everyone by going for the seed wheat–true heros many years ago.

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