Friend of a Friend

Snowmaggedon. That’s what they are calling it, anyway, and I’m giddy that I haven’t left the house since four o’clock on Monday. I don’t think it’s particularly a secret that I think the joys of the New York International Gift Fair are a well-curated few (when it’s good it’s very good and when it’s bad…), so I am happy to sit here in my p.j.s and watch what other bloggers turn up.

Marisa Marcantoinio of Stylebeat and Kevin Isbell have both steered me in the direction of Audrey Sterk. I am particularly grateful for the heads-up on the Circle and Stars pattern, available as paper, floor cloth and covered table, as it is hitting that sweet spot of folk art meets modern. And you can see it all right there from the comfort of your own blinking screen.
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17 thoughts on “Friend of a Friend

  1. I was hoping to get in to see the show but weather is not cooperating so I am also an armchair attendee. I loved this pattern as well!

  2. I agree! What a unique find and you hit the nail, it is modern and folk art at the same time – rare thing. M.

  3. So funny! I just posted on some finds yesterday, one of whom was Ashley Sterk, she is as talented as she is sweet and I may be using her for a chinoiserie dining room. Those tables are fun fun fun!
    Am newer to blogging but wouldlove you to visit my new blog about the buliding of our new home and my love for good design/decor. Yesterdays post featured a lot of gift show inspriation and I featured some photos of Audrey and her work.

  4. We're accenting our formal rooms with black and (not quite) white, and I wish this were available as a fabric! Would make an excellent pillow. Stay warm and safe, I'm very glad this storm didn't drop anything on my neck of the woods.

  5. Thank you for the shout out! Audrey has been Kevin's decorative painter for a long time, I am so happy she is now designing products.
    Have a great day!

  6. Love this table! I heard you guys got quite a bit of snow just north of us. We are stuck at home, here in Spfd., too. Hope you're enjoying the days of hybernation. xo

  7. I agree. I am doing the same thing. Since I cannot be there, I am living vicariously through their blog post.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  8. I missed Audrey in my dash around the fair. I hope to go back in August and will definitely make a bee line for her booth!

  9. Oh, you clearly spent your snowmageddon more constructively than I did—all I did was rake snow off flattish roofs and watch movies.

    this is great.

  10. Thank you for the mention. Audrey's work is really fun and imaginative. I am glad others are learning about her as well.

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