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We had a small cocktail party last Saturday night for the people who helped us move.  People who had packed my kitchen, donated boxes, driven my children.

People who insisted, who did things even after I said, “Oh, no, absolutely not – we’re fine!”  People who helped anyway.

“Are you settled?” ask friends I see out and about.  “It’s done!” said a few who have dropped by.

It’s not done, not by a long shot, but we’re settled.  The Wii and PlayStation 3 are absolutely at home and one of the boys has already thrown up here, which is a sort of christening in my book.

My bulletin board is hung and I followed the advice of a reader who suggested a cheap one from a discount store trimmed in grosgrain ribbon.

It was bare for a bit, but is now collecting images and invites and memos.

And, honestly, it’s terrifically fun.

Images, from top, Albert Hadley and Harry Heissmann, House Beautiful, 2010, photography by Christopher Baker;  Veranda.  I think.  I didn’t write it down, like I’ve never done this before.  Forgive me, I’m a ding-dong; Pauline de Rothchild’s bedroom featured in Elle Decor, October 2010;  Peter Dunham, House Beautiful, November 2010, photography by Victoria Pearson; Christine d’Ornano, Elle Decor, April 2010, photography by Simon Upton; Oliver M. Furth, via; Fabric, Hinson – Trixie Red/Black on Off White; paper, Scalamandre, Baldwin Bamboo, Cream and Red on Aqua.

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18 thoughts on “Inspiration Board

  1. We are planning a pain and suffering party for when the renovation is complete. I think hosting a party or being host to images on one's inspiration board keep things moving in a nice direction. Being inspired by others and being grateful are to be admired.
    cheers to your getting settled and plugged in.

  2. Well assuming you have just moved so congrats! I cannot wait to be doing the same! Its always fun and exciting to recreate a new home and make old things new again. I look forward to hearing more.
    Pleaset stop by my blog, last day to be eligible for the gorgeous french chair giveaway!

  3. I love an old fashioned bulletin board! It seems everything is so "electronic inspired" these days, it's nice to see and touch actual paper.

    I also adore that wallcovering in the first photo!

  4. Nice of you to reward all your helpers – but my guess is that they were happy to help because you had done something equally thoughtful for them!! So looking forward to seeing the development of the new place and loving your inspiration so far!!

  5. Yes, an old fasioned bulletin board is a real must! Ours is covered in invites, take-out menues, old letters, postcards.. it's a mess, but beautiful! Your party sounds fun!! xxxxx

  6. You have to love the people that help even when you insist you don't need it. You can usually use the help.

    Sounds like you're getting settled…or at least the boys are. 🙂

  7. Cannot wait to see "Dream House Part Deux", come together!
    YES, can do those walls- remember how lovely your silver leafed pale blue sitting room turned out?
    ( maybe in a n ivory, gray, black grissale tonal colorway?)

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